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McHenry Township FPD news

Excerpts from the

The McHenry Township Fire Protection District received the American Heart Association’s Mission: Lifeline EMS Silver Award, which is given to agencies that have demonstrated at least 75 percent compliance for each required achievement measure for one year. They ares one of 21 EMS agencies in the state to receive the award.

Each year, more than 250,000 people experience the most deadly type of heart attack, an ST elevation myocardial infarction, which is caused by a blockage of blood flow to the heart and requires timely treatment. It becomes critical to restore blood flow quickly, either by mechanically opening the blocked vessel or by providing clot-busting medicine.

“EMTs and paramedics play a vital part in the system of care for those who have heart attacks,” said James Jollis, chair of the Mission: Lifeline Advisory Working Group. “Since they often are the first medical point of contact, they can shave precious minutes off life-saving treatment time by activating the emergency response system that alerts hospitals. “We applaud the McHenry Township Fire Protection District for achieving this award that shows it meets evidence-based guidelines in the treatment of people who have severe heart attacks.”

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McHenry Township FPD apparatus

This from Tyler Tobolt:

New Mchenry Township FPD Engine 44 at Crystal Lake 2nd alarm a couple days back.


Pierce Impel fire engine

New Pierce Impel for McHenry Township FPD Engine 44. Tyler Tobolt photo

previous new McHenry TWP engine

another post of a new engine for McHenry TWP


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McHenry FPD updates

Karl Klotz, Steve Redick, and Larry Shapiro visited all five stations of the McHenry Township FPD last week to update the site. In addition to new units, this is one of many area departments that is in the process of renumbering apparatus.


Among the new and updated units photographed;  there were three ambulances, two engines, two tenders, and a new boat.

  • McHenry went from a one tender department to a three tender department with a tender in all but the downtown station. The new twin 3,500-gallon tenders were built by US Tanker on IHC 7500 chassis with extended cabs.
  • Tender 1272 is at Station 2, and Tender 1274 is at Station 4.


McHenry Township Fire Protection District apparatus

McHenry Twp Tender 1272 is one of two twin units. These were built by US Tanker on 2013 IHC 7500 chassis with an extended cab. They carry 3,500 gallons of water and have a 500-GPM pump. Larry Shapiro photo


Two Pierce engines have been put into service since our last update and one was moved. The new engines are on the Impel XM chassis instead of the Velocity.

  • These are assigned as Engine 41 at Station 1 and Engine 43 at Station 3.
  • Engine 44 at Station 4 was formerly Engine 10 at Station 1.
  • There are two more engines on order, each coming in six month intervals.


McHenry Township Fire Protection District apparatus

McHenry TWP Engine 41 is a 2012 Pierce Impel XM 1500/1000. Karl Klotz photo

McHenry Township Fire Protection District apparatus

McHenry TWP Engine 43 is a 2013 Pierce Impel XM 1500/1000. This newest engine has a telescoping light tower on the roof of the cab. Larry Shapiro photo

McHenry Township Fire Protection District apparatus

Rear view of McHenry TWP Engine 43. Larry Shapiro photo


The ambulance fleet has changed for the most part since our last visit.

  • The newest ambulance is a 2013 Type I by Osage at Station 4, running as Ambulance 54.
  • Another new ambulance is a 2012 Type I AEV at Station 1, running as Ambulance 51.
  • Ambulance 52 at Station 2 is a 2010 Osage Type I that has also been added since our last update.


McHenry Township Fire Protection District apparatus

Ambulance 54 is a 2013 Ford F-550/Osage. Larry Shapiro photo


  • Boat 1292 at Station 2 is a 2013, 24′ boat built by Clark Boats with a rigid hull.


McHenry Township Fire Protection District apparatus

Boat 1292 is a 24′ rigid hull built by Clark Boats in 2013. Larry Shapiro photo

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New engine for McHenry Township FPD

The McHenry Township FPD has taken delivery of another new Pierce engine with so#26551

McHenry Township FPD

McHenry Township Engine 43 received a new engine. Pierce composite

thanks Al & Kevin

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McHenry Township ambulance for sale

MCHENRY TOWNSHIP FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT ambulance for sale on the Alexis website.

  • 2006 Ford F-350 Osage Warrior
  • 6.0L Diesel Engine
  • Dual Alternator/Dual Battery
  • Ford Transmission
  • 54,599 Miles/ 108 Hours
  • Attendant Seat
  • 148” Int. length x 71” Int. Height
  • shoreline
  • Siren
  • Air horns
  • Fluorescent and Incandescent patient lights
  • Code 3 Light bar/Whelen body 90series LED Warning Lights
  • Traffic Adviser
  • 165” Wheelbase
  • 4,850 FAWR
  • 9,750 RAWR
  • 13,000 GVWR
thanks Martin

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New engine for McHenry Township


McHenry Township Fire Protection District just picked up a new engine from Pierce a few days ago.  Its a Pierce Impel with a 1500/1000 configuration.  The only differences between this and the previous two newest engines are that this one is approximately 10 inches shorter and as such has two less seats in the cab which have been replaced with a large tester/EMS cabinet.  This engine will be numbered 1241 in accordance with county numbering which was never followed before and will replace Engine 1210 out of Station 1.  The current Engine 10 will move to Station 4 and will be renumbered, though not sure as to what.

Sorry for the pictures as I only had my iphone when I had the chance to take them.
McHenry Township FPD new Pierce Impel engine

McHenry Township recently took delivery of this Pierce Impel 1500/1000 engine. Photo by Bob

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New ambulance for McHenry Township

A new AEV Ambulance has been delivered to the McHenry Township FPD. Sold by Alexis Fire Equipment, the new Type I is on a Ford F-50 chassis.


McHenry Township Fire Protection District new ambulance

Alexis Fire Equipment photo


Technical Specs
• Chassis: Ford F-550 4 x 2
• Engine: 6.7 Scorpion
• Transmission: Ford HD 6 speed automatic
• Attendant Seat: Wise High Back
• AEV Extruded Aluminum Body
• 6” Curbside Body Drop
• Size/Headroom: Interior 74” Finished
• Shoreline: 20 amp straight blade w/Shoreline Indicator Light
• Siren: Carson SA-441 Magforce 200 watt
• Air horn: Buell Dual 10” Strombos
• Patient lights: Kinequip LED
• Warning Light package: Whelen Super LED
• Opticom: 3M
• ICC Warning Lights Switched w/Primary
• Link Air Ride Suspension
• Electrical: RMR
• Camera: Dual Function; (1) in Patient area – (1) Ext. Back Up
• Action Area: Solid Surface – Bluff Riverstone
• Upholstery: Vacuum Formed
• CPR Seat: Double Wide; 6 point Harness; Positioned more Aft
• Wheelbase: 189”
• FAWR: 7,000
• RAWR: 13,600
• GVWR: 18,000

More photos can be found HERE.

thanks Martin

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Water/Ice recovery in Johnsburg 2-4-12

Fire department divers recover body of fisherman that fell through the ice 2-4-12

Divers and support personnel move about Pistakee Bay utilizing air boats as they prepare to recover the body of a fisherman that fell through the ice and drowned on Friday. Tim Olk photo

The NW Herald reported on a fisherman that drowned in Johnsburg (McHenry County) after falling through the ice on Friday.

Authorities have ended the search for a missing angler that fell through the ice into Pistakee Bay on Friday evening after finding the victim’s body this morning.

Justin Ribar, 29, of Wonder Lake, was pronounced dead at 11:12 a.m. today, the Coroner’s Office said. An autopsy is scheduled for 9 a.m. Monday.

A lakefront homeowner called 911 shortly before 6 p.m. Friday after hearing cries for help from the bay. The homeowner never saw the person, but could hear the yelling, McHenry Township Fire Protection District Chief Tony Huemann said.

Rescue crews using air boats were able to travel across the ice. They found a glove, a boot and fishing gear on the ice near a section of ice that appeared to have been broken through, Battalion Chief Joe Krueger said.

Fire department divers recover body of fisherman that fell through the ice 2-4-12

Wonder Lake Fire Department air boat 1690 makes a trip out to the center of the bay with divers. Tim Olk photo

The complete article can be found HERE.

Fire department divers recover body of fisherman that fell through the ice 2-4-12

Lake County Quad 2 Air Boat 2952 out of Fox Lake rides along the ice making it's way back to the shore. Tim Olk photo

Tim Olk photographed the recovery efforts and submitted several images.

Fire department divers recover body of fisherman that fell through the ice 2-4-12

Air Boat 2952 takes a team of divers out to the recovery site. Tim Olk photo

Fire department divers recover body of fisherman that fell through the ice 2-4-12

Dive personnel standby to transport additional divers to the search area. Tim Olk photo

Many more images can be found in a gallery HERE.


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