Excerpts from ABC7Chicago.com:

Nearly three years after experiencing regular attacks on Chicago paramedics, a new city ordinance is finally in the works to protect them and all first responders police officers, firefighters, and paramedics by expanding city hate crime laws to protect them. Paramedics say that incidents that keep them from doing their jobs and endanger their lives happen roughly once a day.

Now, relief is proposed in an expansion of Chicago’s hate crime law to include current, former police and fire officers and emergency crew members. It would also include an increase in fines and convicted violators would face up to six months in prison.
Chicago aldermen are also looking to urge state lawmakers to expand Illinois’ hate crime law to cover first responders police officers,  firefighter, and EMS workers statewide. Across the country this movement has been nicknamed “Blue Lives Matter.”

The state of Louisiana became the first to pass similar hate crime protections last month, placing crimes against law enforcement and EMT’s on par with crimes against minorities.

Fifty-two percent of all EMS workers had experienced some kind of violence, according to the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians.

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