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Grayslake Fire Protection District news (more)

Excerpts from the

The teenage boy who had been shot in the head before his rescue from a Grayslake house fire last week has died.

Police said the 17-year-old died Saturday at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood. An autopsy on the teen was performed Sunday at the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office, but his cause of death was not determined.

Authorities initially cited strange circumstances surrounding last Tuesday’s early morning house fire on the 400 block of Normandy Lane where three Grayslake police officers and a neighbor rescued the teen.

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Grayslake Fire Protection District news

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A teenager is in critical condition and three police officers were hospitalized Tuesday morning following a fire in  Grayslake, but an investigation into the fire has led to questions on its cause. 

The fire broke out just after midnight in the 300 block of Normandy Lane. The flames sparked at the rear of the home with heavy smoke filling the inside as a young boy became trapped.

Others inside the home made it out safely, but told officers at the scene a third person was still inside. A neighbor and three police officers rushed into the burning building to rescue the 17-year-old.

“The cops showed up and we tried getting in there with them and one of them finally just took a deep breath and went in,” said neighbor Brad Mohlman. “I kind of went in with them and stayed at the bottom of the stairs, he pulled [the boy] down from the top of the stairs. [The boy] was in rough shape, he wasn’t breathing right, he was gasping – it wasn’t good.”

Police said the boy was taken in critical condition to Advocate Condell Medical Center and was being transported to Loyola University Medical Center.

The officers who went inside the home were hospitalized for smoke inhalation but two were released Tuesday morning. The third officer was being held for observation but is expected to be OK. 

The fire had not been ruled a crime scene as of Tuesday morning, but some circumstances inside were not ordinary.

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Authorities investigating a Grayslake house fire this week announced two stunning developments Friday: that the teenage boy who was rescued from the blaze had been shot in the head, and that his grandmother took her life after police questioned her.

Police also said that the grandmother, who was the guardian of the boy, had directed another minor in her care to consume a bottle of prescription medication before the woman committed suicide.

Just hours after speaking with investigators Thursday afternoon, the teen’s grandmother, Deborah St. Antoine-Browne, jumped to her death from a parking garage outside Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, where her grandson was being treated.

Before her death, St. Antoine-Browne gave the boy’s relative a bottle of prescription medication with instructions to take it all, Grayslake Police Chief Philip Perlini said, adding that police learned of the allegation from the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. The relative had ingested some of the medication, but sought emergency medical help at the hospital.

After the fire, an investigation immediately ensued, and a .38-caliber pistol was recovered from the home. Perlini did not identify the shooter, but said there were no suspects from outside the home.

At the time of her death, St. Antoine-Browne also was being investigated in connection to an unrelated forgery case, though she had not been arrested in that case, and the prosecutor didn’t know if she had been aware of the investigation. 

St. Antoine-Browne was guardian to two minors in the home at the time of the fire, and they are now under DCFS care.

A combination of information led investigators to further interview the victim’s grandmother. Grayslake investigators spoke to her at about 2:15 p.m. Thursday at the hospital, took her statements, gathered her fingerprints, and DNA samples.

At 4:50 p.m., the Grayslake Police Department was notified by the Cook County Sheriff’s Department that St. Antoine-Browne had committed suicide at the Loyola Hospital parking garage.

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As seen around … Grayslake

From the Grayslake FD Twitter page:

Well Played Grayslake Police….Well Played!

parking ticket on fire engine parking ticket on fire engine

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School bus crash in Grayslake, 1-5-16

Excerpts from the

A school bus with no children onboard rolled over Tuesday morning in a four-vehicle crash on Rollins Road near Sheldon Road.

According to the Grayslake Fire Department, three people were treated for minor injuries at the scene, which was called in to emergency dispatch at 8:16 a.m.

A driver and an attendant were the only people on the bus, which is assigned to Round Lake School District 116. Both got out of the bus through an emergency hatch before first responders police and firefighters arrived.

Grayslake Police Cmdr. Brian Ernst said the bus was headed west on Rollins Road, a four-lane roadway, when a vehicle coming from the opposite direction tried to pass another car and lost control. The passing vehicle, driven by a 25-year-old Ingleside man, crossed the centerline and struck the bus, causing it to rollover on its side.

The first collision caused a secondary crash with two other vehicles involved.

schoolbus that rolled over

Tim Olk photo

heavy wrecker tow truck at crash site

Tim Olk photo

Round Lake FD ambulance

Tim Olk photo

schoolbus that rolled over

Tim Olk photo

schoolbus that rolled over

Tim Olk photo

schoolbus that rolled over

Tim Olk photo


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House fire in Hanesville, IL 4/9/15

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An apparent lightning strike Thursday afternoon set the roof of a house on fire in Hainesville.

A 911 call came in at 12:20 p.m. for a house fire in the 200 block of Big Horn Drive, officials said, and first-responding crews arrived to find a quarter of the roof on fire.

flames through roof of house struck by lightning

Mark Typlin photo

smoke from roof of house on fire

Mark Typlin photo

house fire scene

Tim Olk photo

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Grayslake FD wins tax hike

The Lake County News-Sun reports that the Grayslake FPD was successful in passing a tax hike

In a recession-fueled funding pinch, the Grayslake Fire Protection District asked its residents for a tax increase through a referendum and they were rewarded Tuesday with a yes vote. With all 30 precincts reporting at 9 p.m., the unofficial “yes” vote totaled 5,003 or 54 percent of the vote. The “no” votes totaled 3,979, or 44 percent.

“We’re up by 54 percent so I think we feel pretty comfortable with that,” said Fire Chief John Christian, referring to the absentee and provincial ballots yet to be counted.

“I’m grateful to the voters,” he said.

The referendum was needed, he said, to ensure the department’s equipment and staffing keeps pace with service demands in the multi-community district.

The ballot question — requesting a tax rate increase of .16 percent per $100 of assessed valuation — was voted on by roughly 32,000 voters in Fremont Township, Grayslake, Gages Lakes, Wildwood, Third Lake and parts of Round Lake Park and Round Lake Beach.

According to the fire district, the increase would mean the owner of a home that has a market value of $100,000 would pay $53.32 more per year. The owner of a home with a market value of $300,000 would pay $159.96 more a year, officials said.

The district has operated on 9 percent less funding during the last five years, officials said. Expenses, however, have not gone down. The district operates three stations, the newest located near Saddlebrook Farms in Grayslake. Without a revenue increase, district officials indicated that a station may have to close in 2015 or 2016.

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Grayslake Fire Station 3

Jeff Rudolph visited the newest station for the Grayslake Fire Protection District and submitted images to update the website.

Grayslake Fire Protection District

Grayslake Fire Protection District Station 3. Jeff Rudolph photo

Grayslake Fire Protection District

Grayslake Engine 2722 is housed at Station 3. Jeff Rudolph photo

MABAS Division 4 & 5 Wildland Team

Also housed at this fire station is the Division 4 &5 wildland team Unit 6973, a 1994 Ford F-800/Boise Mobile 750/500/20A. This unit is X-US Forest Service. Jeff Rudolph photo


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4th Alarm house fire in Wadsworth 4-30-13 (pt 4)

More from Scott Peterson:

Not an inclusive photo gallery but many of the apparatus at Newports 4th alarm.

Beach Park FPD Tender 1265

Beach Park FPD Tender 1265. Scott Peterson photo

Bristol, WI Tender 5214

Bristol, WI Tender 5214. Scott Peterson photo

Countryside FPD Tender 411

Countryside FPD Tender 411. Scott Peterson photo

Grayslake Tender 2761

Grayslake Tender 2761. Scott Peterson photo

Gurnee Engine 1311

Gurnee Engine 1311. Scott Peterson photo

Libertyville Engine 463

Libertyville Engine 463. Scott Peterson photo

fire engines at fire scene

Engine and tender from Newport Township. Scott Peterson photo

Newport Engine 1458

Newport Engine 1458. Scott Peterson photo

Newport Township FPD

Newport Tender 1411. Scott Peterson photo

North Chicago Engine 4

North Chicago Engine 4. Scott Peterson photo

Pleasant Prairie WI Tender 5612.

Pleasant Prairie WI Tender 5612. Scott Peterson photo

Somers WI Tender 6361

Somers WI Tender 6361. Scott Peterson photo

Town of Salem Tender 5868

Town of Salem Tender 5868. Scott Peterson photo

Twin Lakes WI Tender 6565

Twin Lakes WI Tender 6565. Scott Peterson photo

Winthrop Harbor Truck 1731

Winthrop Harbor Truck 1731. Scott Peterson photo

Zion Fire Department

Zion truck. Scott Peterson photo

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Fox Lake Box Alarm 1-23-13

This from Jeff Rudolph:

12/23/2013 .Fox Lake pulled a box alarm for a fire at 35859 Hunt around 1630 hrs today. First engine had a basement fire extending through the roof. Jeff Rudolph


Antioch fire engine tanker

Antioch tanker filling the portable tank. Jeff Rudolph photo

firefighters opening a roof

Firefighters open the roof. Jeff Rudolph photo

Fox Lake ambulance

Fox Lake ambulance. Jeff Rudolph photo

Fox Lake fire department engine at fire scene

Fox Lake pumper/tanker drafting from a portable tank. Jeff Rudolph photo

firefighter cutting into a roof

Venting the roof. Jeff Rudolph photo

Grayslake fire engine Seagrave

Grayslake was mutual aid with an engine. Jeff Rudolph photo

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new ambulance for Grayslake

This from Matthew Goss:

Hey CAF Admins,

 Love the website, you guys do a fantastic job. I saw Grayslake had their new ambulance come in at Advocate Condell Thursday afternoon. Its a 2012 Ford F-450/Road Rescue Ultramedic Type 1 ambulance listed as 2740. I do not know what station it is out of, but I’m thinking it’s Station 3. The guys i talked to said they got it in service a week or two ago. If you want to update the website showing it that’d be great. I did not get a picture as Condell’s ambulance bay was full at the time.
Keep it up
Matthew G

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