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Palatine Fire Department news (more)

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As fire raged through the Ben Franklin store in Palatine on Feb. 23, 1973, volunteer firefighter George Palmer, an engineer on the Snorkel, raised the bucket to get firefighters to the roof.

That 50-year-old firetruck, emblazoned with the names of the three firefighters who died in that blaze, was on hand Saturday as a crowd of more than 50 people and a dozen firefighters in full dress blue uniforms bid goodbye to Palmer during a memorial service in front of the historic Palatine Deluge Fire Co. Museum on the grounds of the Palatine Historical Society.

Palmer, who had heart issues and died Sept. 4 at age 85 in his home in Florida, rode on the Snorkel during the 2016 Palatine Fourth of July Parade.

Palmer was part of one the first paramedic programs in the nation, said retired Palatine Fire Lt. Bill Noland Jr., 74, who also was in that program. In addition to honing medical skills every Sunday for two months, the paramedics also received another 120 hours in training on Tuesday and Thursday nights, Noland said.

Noland was on the roof of the Ben Franklin store with other firefighters when the decision was made to get off because it was too dangerous. The store was owned by John Wilson, a volunteer firefighter who died alongside Warren “Auggie” Ahlgrim, and Richard Freeman when they ran out of air in the basement of the building.

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Palatine Fire Department news

Excerpts from the

Palatine is preparing to say farewell to a longtime resident and volunteer firefighter who was on hand in 1973 when three of his colleagues died on a call at a downtown store.

With an old fire truck planned as a backdrop, a memorial service for George Palmer Jr. will be at 11 a.m. Saturday, on the grounds of the George H. Clayson House Museum and Library, 224 E. Palatine Road. The truck, driven to the Ben Franklin store tragedy, was part of this year’s Palatine Fourth of July parade.

Palmer, 85, was living in Haines City, Florida, when he died suddenly Sept. 4, 2016. He died a day after sinking a 52-foot par putt on the ninth hole of his home golf course, believed to be one his greatest moments on the links.

He was known throughout Palatine as the owner of Palmer Plumbing and for his service as a volunteer firefighter. 

Palmer was with the crew that responded to the Ben Franklin store fire in downtown Palatine on Feb. 23, 1973. Volunteer firefighters John Wilson, who owned the shop, Warren “Auggie” Ahlgrim and Richard Freeman died of carbon monoxide inhalation while battling the blaze.

“Everyone wanted to save Johnny’s store, and nobody realized what kind of danger they were in,” Palmer told the Daily Herald in 2013. “They were good at eating smoke, but had they not had their air packs, they probably would have come out sooner. It was the brave thing to do. But in retrospect, they shouldn’t have gone in.”

Retired Palatine firefighter Bill Noland Jr. said he’ll be in his dress blue uniform for Palmer’s memorial service. Noland worked with Palmer and was one of the volunteer firefighters at the Ben Franklin blaze.

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