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Loaner engine for Elk Grove Township – update

Bill Friedrich submitted an image of the engine being used by the Elk Grove Township Fire Department that was formerly owned by the Galesburg Fire Department.

I shot the loaner engine Elk Grove Township is using while their Spartan/Alexis engine is having the tank repaired. The loaner is X-Galesburg FD Engine 52. I have included a shot of the rig while at Galesburg as well.
Elk Grove Township Fire Department

The Elk Grove Township Fire District is using this engine, formerly owned by the Galesburg Fire Department, while they are having work performed on their engine. Bill Friedrich photo

Galesburg Fire Department Engine 52 Spartan Alexis

The engine served the Galesburg Fire Department as Engine 52. It was built in 2003 on a Spartan Diamond chassis by Alexis with a 1,500-GPM pump and 600 gallons of water. Bill Friedrich photo

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Loaner engine for Elk Grove Township

Scott Peterson reports that:

Elk Grove Township is running an Alexis engine (rental) for their 2nd engine (EGRT ENG 211). It is from Galesburg, IL- ex Eng 52, still black/red. It is labeled Elk Grove Twp, but does have the 52 on the rear of each side. I'll try and get pics next week.

Bill Friedrich adds this about the engine:

 it is a 1992 Spartan/Darley  1500 / 600

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MABAS Division 31 aids tornado victims

Dennis McGuire, Jr. found this article detailing a mission for two Galesburg firefighters and the MABAS Division 31 Decon Unit to assist downstate residents that were affected by the tornados last week. The article is from last Tuesday.

Two Galesburg firefighters are on their way to the southern Illinois city of Marion to help victims of recent tornados in that part of the state. John Seitz and Brock Schmitt are taking the Galesburg Fire Department De-Con, or decontamination, truck to help provide a place for showers to others helping tornado victims.

Battalion Chief Brad Stevenson said this morning the Mutual Aid Box System request came in Monday. MABAS is a partnership with the Illinois Emergency Management Agency to help in times of disasters. Stevenson said the firefighters are expected to arrive in Marion at about 1 p.m. today.

MABAS Division 31 DECON Unit

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