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As seen around … Portage Park

This from 75Seagrave:

Chicago FD Engine 94

75Seagrave photo

Chicago FD Engine 94

75Seagrave photo


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New truck for Merrionette Park (more)

This from Dieterich Herndobler:

Not the greatest picture, a grab shot from the car, but here is the new Truck 2664 from Merrionette Park. They were out on the street collecting donations. Wish I could have gotten a better shot.

Pierce Dash CF PUC aerial ladder

Dieterich Herndobler photo

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As seen around … Chicago

This from Josh Boyajian:

Here is a shot of Truck 29 and the new Ambo 12
Truck 29 – 2002 Pierce Dash  0/0/100′ RM truck Shop #E303
Ambo 12 – 2014 Ford E-450/Wheeled Coach Type III Shop #C201
Chicago FD Truck 26

Truck 29 – 2002 Pierce Dash 0/0/100′ RM truck Shop #E303. Josh Boyajian photo

Chicago FD Ambulance 12

Ambo 12 – 2014 Ford E-450/Wheeled Coach Type III Shop #C201. Josh Boyajian photo

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LaGrange Park is added to the site

LaGrange Park Fire Department patchLaGrange Park is in MABAS Division 10. They have two stations covering 2.3 square miles. Station 1 is staffed and Station 2 unmanned. Staffing is provided by four contract medics and 46 paid-on-call personnel. The fleet consists of three engines, a truck, an ambulance, and a utility buggy.

LTI fire truck

fire station photo

La Grange Park Fire Station 1. Larry Shapiro photo


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St. Charles FD apparatus

This from Christopher Holmes:

Here is a picture of St. Charles’ new Brush 101. They received it in the summer of 2013
Christopher T. Holmes
fire departmetn brush truck

St. Charles FD Brush 101. Christopher T. Holmes

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New engine for Elmwood Park

Al Schlick found this new engine for Elmwood Park on the Pierce Flickr page

fire engine picture

New Pierce Dash CF PUC for Elmwood Park, Pierce composite

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Elk Grove Village FD history

A reader has asked for information and specs corresponding to the 1970s series Oshkosh/Pierce/Snorkel that saw service in Elk Grove Village.

Elk Grove Village Fire Department history

Elk Grove Village Fire Department Snorkel.

thanks Scott for supplying the photo

The following is a reprint from a local newspaper when the unit was delivered:

Elk Grove Village Fire Department history

Elk Grove Village Fire Department history


Some will notice that;

  • the chassis is indicated to be from FWD, but the cab appears to match the Oshkosh units which saw service in Chicago.
  • the year is not indicated
  • there’s no mention of a water tank

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