This from Steve Redick:

Approximately 24th & Cicero…an old Railroad maintenance building…an old roundhouse. The aerial view is from the new Apple maps app. When I arrived there was nothing left to see firewise but they had 2 elevated master streams ready to go so I imagine it musta looked pretty good at first. Judging by the radio traffic I think they had an old RR engine on fire. Lyons squad was supplying a foam line to the interior, not sure if it was class a or b. I really like the shots of the hole cut through the fence to access the hydrant..I wonder how they knew it was there….The Berwyn engine was supplying a very long relay of LDH, from all the way across Cicero ave. If anyone has some info to add please feel free….
Steve Redick
Cicero Fire Department tiller tractor-drawn aerial

Cicero Truck 2 ready for elevated master stream operations. Steve Redick photo

Cicero Fire Department Tower Ladder Truck 1

Cicero Truck 1 with the aerial tower extended. Steve Redick photo

Cicero Fire Department fire in railroad roundhouse

Firefighters accessed the roundhouse via the overhead doors. Steve Redick photo

Cicero Fire Department Engine 2

Cicero Engine 2 was ready to supply the tower ladder. Steve Redick photo

Cicero Fire Department cuts hole in fence to access fire hydrant

Firefighters had to cut through a fence to access a hydrant in the neighboring Menards yard. Steve Redick photo

Berwyn Fire Department engine at fire scene

The Berwyn engine had a hydrant across Cicero Avenue. Steve Redick photo

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