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St Charles to relocate memorial

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Standing in St. Charles’ Baker Park, the monument to the members of the city’s fire department is easy to dismiss without much attention. The stone memorial is surrounded by a flower garden. It’s almost more reminiscent of a subdivision entry sign or a well-tended gravestone in an unusual place.

Now there’s a movement to give the monument a more prominent place in the city, a standing worthy of the people it memorializes.

“Baker Park was much different in 1974 than it is currently,” said Fire Chief Joe Schelstreet. “We would like to take a much greater opportunity to use the monument to have gatherings such as 9/11 remembrances, retirements and other fire department functions.”

The plan is to move the monument to the redeveloped green space between city hall and the police station, which is now known as Volunteer Plaza. The location also stands directly across the street from the downtown fire station.

Fire department officials plan to contract with the original stoneworker to move the monument, add a new base and have the Firefighter’s Prayer inscribed on the rear.

There would also be new benches, lighting, a flagpole and brick pavers added to a triangular section of the plaza where the monument would stand.

The positioning would allow for viewing of all sides of the monument and an ideal assembly location for the fire department members. The brick pavers will be inscribed with names of former members of the city fire department and future retirees.

The cost of the project is estimated at $29,500. All of the money, except for a small contingency, will come from funds outside the city budget.

When the city slashed paid-on-call firefighters from the budget during the recent recession, it left $7,500 in the fund. That money will be used for the project. The Foreign Fire Insurance Board will kick in up to $25,000. And the local firefighters’ union is contributing $1,500 to the cause for a total potential pool of funds of $34,000.

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Townhouse fire in St Charles General Alarm, 5-30-15

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Two men who were trapped on the second floor of a burning townhome unit Saturday night — one of whom is confined to a wheelchair — were rescued by firefighters from the St. Charles Fire Department, Fire Chief Joe Schelstreet said Sunday.

Firefighters responded at 11:47 p.m. to the 1700 block of Cumberland Green Drive in St. Charles, where they found heavy fire conditions and an older man confined to a wheelchair unable to get out of a bedroom, while his son was hanging over the balcony struggling for help. “Heavy smoke was pushing over him from the sliding glass doors — the father was still in the building,” Schelstreet said.

Firefighters used a portable ladder to immediately rescue the men, he said. “A fireman accessed the balcony and carried the father down the ladder,” Schelstreet said. They then assisted the son out of the unit, he said.

St. Charles firefighters were assisted by firefighters from Geneva, Batavia, West Chicago and South Elgin.

This from John Tulipano:

At approximately 23:45 on May 30th,2015, St Charles was dispatched to a reported fire at 1742 Cumberland Green with a report of  people trapped. First arriving Eng 102 reported heavy fire from the second floor of a 10-unit, two-story frame (condo/apartment complex) with a person hanging from a balcony. Engine 102 rescued one person from the 2nd floor balcony and found a second subject in a wheel chair in a first floor bedroom.

Companies made a very quick knock down of the fire with no extension to attached units.  Fire was well under control when I arrived. One civilian was transported and another was treated on scene.

fire truck at fire scene

John Tulipano photo

aftermath of house fire

John Tulipano photo

fireman on fire truck

John Tulipano photo

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