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Evanston 2nd Alarm fire 6-5-13

Evanston Fire Department units responded to reports of smoke coming from the rear of a 3-story building at 1301 Judson Avenue around 2:15 this afternoon. When Evanston Battalion 21 turned down the street and saw the amount of smoke, he immediately upgraded the Code 3 response to a MABAS Box Alarm. The building, at the north east corner of Judson and Dempster, is a multi-unit, u-shaped, three-story building. Fire was in the attic and vented through the roof quickly. After making an interior attack, conditions worsened and all companies were ordered out of the building. A ladder pipe was put to work on the Dempster Street side of the building from Evanston Truck 22. Truck 23 was to the roof in front of the building on Judson. The alarm was upgraded to a 2nd alarm which brought additional companies.

After the attic and roof fire was knocked down, companies went back into the building to hit the remaining fire, conduct the secondary searches, and then begin to overhaul the interior.

In addition to five Evanston engines and their two trucks, mutual aid at the scene consisted of engines from Wilmette and Winnetka, a squad from Morton Grove, and trucks from Skokie and Northfield.

The fire was contained to one side of the structure and did not communicate to the second floor.

Tim Olk and Larry Shapiro were at the scene, both arriving after the fire had been knocked down. Some images and a video from Larry are in this email. Images from Tim should be forthcoming.


Evanston Fire Department

Evanston Battalion 21 was the operations chief. Larry Shapiro photo

Evanston Fire Department

Area where the fire vented through the roof. Larry Shapiro photo

Evanston Fire Department

A view of the structure looking east on Dempster. Larry Shapiro photo

Evanston Fire Department

Evanston Engine 24 on a hydrant. Larry Shapiro photo

Evanston Fire Department

Evanston Truck 23 in Sector A on Judson. Larry Shapiro photo

Evanston Fire Department

The building was on the northeast corner of Judson and Dempster. Larry Shapiro photo

Evanston Fire Department

Evanston Truck 22 deployed the ladder pipe after the building was evacuated. Larry Shapiro photo

Evanston Fire Department

Evanston Truck 22 alongside the building on Dempster. Larry Shapiro photo

Evanston Fire Department

Evanston Engine 23 was on a hydrant near Truck 22. Larry Shapiro photo

Evanston Fire Department

View of the interior courtyard. Fire was on the left side in this picture and did not communicate across. Larry Shapiro photo

Evanston Fire Department

A view at the roof line showing where the fire burned through the attic. Larry Shapiro photo

A gallery of more images by Larry Shapiro is HERE.

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Evanston 2nd Alarm fire 4-24-13

This from Jeff Rudolph:

From this afternoon’s fire in Evanston. Jeff R.

04/24/13  1937 Hartrey 2nd alarm.
One police officer was treated for smoke inhalation after attempting to make entry into a 2 story home burning on Evanston’s west side. Heat and smoke drove him out, and first in crews where able to make entry and remove one victim. The victim would succumb from his injuries. Command elevated the alarm to a MABAS 2nd alarm. Fire heavily damaged the building of origin and spread to the exterior of the B side exposure house.

This from the Chicago Tribune:

A man died this evening after suffering second- and third-degree burns in a fire at an Evanston home this afternoon, officials said.

The man, believed to be in his mid-60s, died after being taken to Evanston Hospital for treatment of second- and third-degree burns following the fire at a home in the 1900 block of Hartrey Avenue, an Evanston Fire Department spokesman said.

The fire started about 5:15 p.m., and when firefighters arrived they found the man on the first floor of the single-family frame home, where the bulk of the fire was contained, the spokesman said.

The fire spread up to the home’s second floor, but did not do much damage there, and also damaged the siding of a nearby house, the spokesman said.

Evanston firefighters had the fire under control before 6 p.m. Crews from eight other North Shore suburbs assisted in fighting the fire.

Images from the scene.

Evanston FD Truck 22

Evanston Truck 22. Jeff Rudolph photo

Evanston firefighters

Evanston firefighters after overhauling the interior. Jeff Rudolph photo

Evanston FD Engine 25

Engine 21 was on a hydrant. Jeff Rudolph photo

Evanston FD Engine 25

Evanston Engine 25. Jeff Rudolph photo

fatal house fire in Evanston

An Evanston firefighter exits the house. Jeff Rudolph photo

fatal house fire in Evanston

Evanston Battalion 21 and firefighters in front of the house. Jeff Rudolph photo

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Box Alarm in Evanston 2-20-12

An Evanston Fire Department Division Chief spotted fire at the base of a chimney at 1318 Elmwood yesterday and called in the alarm. Residents were home at the time and unaware of the fire. The alarm was elevated to a Box Alarm which brought mutual aid companies from Skokie, and Morton Grove.

Evanston house fire 2-20-12 on Elmwood

A firefighter in the attic is visible out the roof as he directs others to a hot spot that needs overhaul. Tim Olk photo

The Daily Northwestern wrote that:

The fire started on the attic of the third floor and caused “pretty extensive damage,” (City of Evanston Spokesman) Palmer said. The cause of the fire has not yet been determined and is still under investigation.

The old, Victorian-style home sustained enough damage to cause structural problems to the building, Palmer said. The residents were forced to move out for the time being and the house was boarded up.

Evanston house fire 2-20-12 on Elmwood

Overhaul is performed on all levels of the house at 1318 Elmwood after the fire was extinguished. Tim Olk photo

Evanston Now reported that:

Fire Division Chief Geoff Block called in the first report of the fire, which soon brought all of Evanston’s fire units to the scene at 1318 Elmwood Ave. as well as a tower truck from Skokie and a squad from Morton Grove.

Fire Chief Greg Klaiber says the four residents of the two-and-a-half-story Victorian home managed to escape without injury. They’d been in the basement or on the first floor of the home and weren’t aware of the blaze.

The fire had already broken through the roof by the time firefighters arrived and dragged a hose line up to the third floor converted attic space. Klaiber says crews managed to confine the fire to the third floor, but that there was some water damage to other parts of the home.

 Tim Olk submitted several images from the scene.
Evanston house fire 2-20-12 on Elmwood

Evanston Truck 22 had their main to the roof. Tim Olk photo

Evanston house fire 2-20-12 on Elmwood

Evanston Lt Bill Muno applies water to cool hot spots on the roof. Lt Muno has been promoted to the position of Battalion Chief and will assume his new role next week. Tim Olk photo

Evanston house fire 2-20-12 on Elmwood Evanston Engine 21

Evanston Engine 21 is just down the block. Tim Olk photo


Evanston house fire 2-20-12 on Elmwood Evanston Battalion Chief Kunita

Evanston Battalion Chief Don Kunita talks with firefighters outside the house after the fire was knocked down. This was the chief's last day on the job as he was retiring after 35 years with the department. Tim Olk photo

The Evanston Fire Department website notes that:

On February 20, 2012 Battalion Fire Chief Donald Kunita will retire from the Evanston Fire Department with 35 years of service to the City of Evanston. Chief Kunita started with the Department in 1976 as a Firefighter. In 1979 he became a Paramedic and was promoted to Captain in 1985. He worked as a fire inspector and investigator and was a state certified evidence technician. Kunita rose to the rank of Battalion Chief, commander of the 32 member Shift in 2003.

Fire Chief Greg Klaiber said Chief Kunita has been involved in numerous projects over the course of his career and was hired during a time when the department’s new paramedic program was getting underway. Kunita came on with 9 other recruits, including the department’s first female firefighter. Klaiber said he wants to thank Chief Kunita for his 35 years of dedicated service to the community of Evanston. Kunita recalls many changes in the fire service over the years that included the addition of breathing apparatus, better radio communications and enclosed cabs on vehicles that no longer required firefighters to ride on the outside of apparatus. Many changes to the methods used today and life safety codes have protected the citizens of Evanston and the firefighters that protect those within the community. A generation of firefighters has benefited from Don’s clear and steady leadership throughout his distinguished career Klaiber said.

More photos from the scene will be available HERE.

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