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The Elgin Fire Department will host a ceremony Friday at 3:30 p.m. at the Centre of Elgin, 100 Symphony Way for four firefighters who were recently promoted. Three new firefighters also will be sworn in.

Robb Cagann is now an assistant fire chief, said Fire Chief David Schmidt. Cagann was one of six finalists in the city’s nationwide search to fill the assistant chief’s position. He joined the department in 1993 and spent 15 years as the training officer where he developed a skill-based training program. He served a number of years as director of the Elgin Regional Fire Academy and was also instrumental in the development of the technical rescue team for both Elgin and the region. He was recognized by the American Legion as the Firefighter of the Year in 2014.

Richard Carter was promoted to the rank of battalion chief. Carter joined the department in 1991 and spent 15 years as a paramedic and member of the technical rescue team. He serves in the training division, where he has been involved for 15 years. Carter also served as director of the Elgin Regional Fire Academy. In 2007, Carter was recognized by the American Legion as the Firefighter of the Year.

Daniel Wagner is now fire captain. He joined the department in 1996 and was promoted to lieutenant in 2004. Wagner has been a member of the water rescue team for 18 years and led the department’s water rescue team to a public safety dive championship. He helps coordinate the annual Fox River cleanup and has been a member of the department’s Honor Guard for the past 15 years. He also served as a fire academy instructor for 10 years. Wagner was recognized by the American Legion as the Firefighter of the Year in 2003.

Michael Przybylski now is a lieutenant. He joined the department in 2004 and is a leader of the department Fire Explorer program and an assistant team leader for the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System mobile field force as a paramedic. He serves on the Safety Committee and has been a member of the Rescue Task Force for active shooter incidents in conjunction with Elgin Police Department.

Justin Lee, Austin Lawrenz and Kellen Smith are becoming probationary firefighters.

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Elgin Fire Department promotions

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Braydon Whalen pinned his grandfather’s Elgin Fire Department badge on his own father, Mitch, marking the Elgin firefighter’s promotion to lieutenant in a ceremony Monday filled with tradition.

Mitch Whalen was one of four Elgin firefighters promoted up the fire department’s higher ranks Monday. Bryan McMahan became assistant chief, Robb Cagann became a battalion chief and Joseph VanDorpe became a captain. The department also swore in two new firefighters, Matthew Regan and Adam Subleski during a ceremony at the Centre of Elgin.

Monday’s ceremony was “historic in nature” and meaningful not only to firefighters but for the Elgin community to see its fire department growing, Fire Chief John Fahy said.

The Elgin Fire Department is among the top 2 percent in the nation and responds to more than 11,000 emergency calls a year, Fahy said.

“Today, you become one of us. I expect you live by the duty, tradition and honor of the Elgin Fire Department,” Fahy said, introducing the new fire candidates.

McMahan, Cagann, Whalen and VanDorpe thanked their families and those who helped them throughout their careers. McMahan said his wife helps him find balance between family and work. Cagann was overwhelmed by the number of people coming out to support the fire department. Becoming a battalion chief has been a dream, he said. “I am truly honored to be given this opportunity,” he said.

VanDorpe was joined by his wife, children, his father, Fred, a retired Chicago firefighter and three brothers, two Chicago firefighters and one, Peter VanDorpe, who is chief of the Algonquin-Lake in the Hills Fire Protection District. Joseph VanDorpe’s son, Chris, is a Chicago firefighter.

Whalen’s family has a long history of firefighting in Elgin. His great-grandfather was on the fire department and his father, Marc, was on the department for 27 years. His uncle, Michael Whalen, was one of two Elgin firefighters who gave their lives in 1974 trying to save a teenager caught in the Kimball Street dam.

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