Contributors Tim Olk and Larry Shapiro are currently working together to provide fire departments with the opportunity to have professional photos of their personnel. For many years, departments have been documenting officers, firefighters, and staff for historical purposes as well as maintaining current photos for a host of other reasons.

Additionally, in the unlikely event that a department member is lost, having access to a professional portrait helps to insure that their memory can be preserved with honor and dignity.

  • One offering is formal portraits with Class A uniforms.
Buffalo Grove Fire Chief Terrance Vavra

Individual portrait. Larry Shapiro photo

  • Each individual portrait can be combined to display the entire department in a single composite.
Lincolnshire-Riverwoods Fire Department Personnel

Full department composite of each individual portrait. Larry Shapiro photo

  • All members of the department featured as a group with the station or apparatus is another option.
Wheeling Fire Department personnel

Large group shot with everyone in front of a rig. Larry Shapiro photo

  • Also available is a full-length portrait with turn-out gear that can be reproduced with any one of a number of different backgrounds. Multiple images can be combined to include a company, a full shift, or the entire department.
firefighter photography fire department shift photo

An example of a full shift. Larry Shapiro photo

For further information, contact Tim of Larry.


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