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Alsip Fire Department history

This from Mike Summa for #TBT:

The Alsip Fire Dept. in the recent past.  The engine on the left is a 1947 Chevy/Central 500/300.  The middle engine is a 1964 ALF 900 series 1000/750.  The one on the right is a Ford, no year or specs.  Enjoy and comment.
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Mike Summa photo

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American LaFrance Aero Chief units in the Chicago area

From Larry Shapiro for #TBT:

Here are other American LaFrance Aero Chief units from my collection in addition to the Zion unit that was featured preciously. 

1969 American LaFrance 900 Series Aero Chief 90

Reg.# 12-1-1314
1969 ALF 900 Series Aero Chief 90 from Elgin, IL. Larry Shapiro photo

American LaFrance Aero Chief

Reg.# 8-1-429
1967 ALF 900 Series Aero Chief 90 from LaGrange, IL
Originally delivered as a quint, this Aero Chief had it’s pump and tank removed. A large equipment compartment replaced the pump. Larry Shapiro photo

1971 American LaFrance 1000 Series Aero Chief 90

Reg.# 14-1-2331
1971 ALF 1000 Series Aero Chief 90 Quint from Libertyville, IL. Larry Shapiro photo

Larry Shapiro photo

1970 American LaFrance 1000 Series Aero Chief 90

Reg.# 14-1-2131
1970 ALF 1000 Series Aero Chief 90 Quint from Rolling Meadows, IL. Larry Shapiro photo

Data and narrative for these photos is from THE AMERICAN LAFRANCE AERO CHIEF PROJECT

This website is the result of a twelve year project to document the production and history of the American LaFrance Aero Chief. The Aero Chief was introduced in 1962 and continued in production until 1974. 171 Aero Chief platforms were built. It came in three sizes: 70′, 80′, and 90′. Most Aero Chiefs were built on the custom American LaFrance chassis, but there were several built on various commercial chassis. Many of them had pumps and even more had tandem rear axles.

The photos on this site come from a variety of sources. I have photgraphed 65 of them, but the remainder come from many other photographers, including Glenn Vincent, Mike Martinelli, Scott Berringer, Kevin McKeon, Garry Kadzielawski, Bill Friedrich, Don Feipel, Bill Hattersley, Paul Barrett, Scott Mattson, John Floyd, Al Whitlock, Don Loeb, Dan Decher, Ralph Decker, Jon Umbdenstock, Ron Bogardus, Wayne Sorensen, Chuck Madderom, Richard Bartlett, Dave Stewardson, Ken Wible, John Langley, Todd Lincoln, Dan Jasina, Tom Shepherd, Mark Rzepnicki, Andrew Henry, Mike Bakunis, and a host of others whose names have faded from my feeble memory. If you have sent me photos and you can’t find your name, please contact me and it will be immediately corrected. Additional photos came from many of the fire departments who owned Aero Chiefs. To all these contributors, I am forever in your debt.

The information on this website will be updated as it becomes available. Any additional information or photos are always welcome. Please contact me through the link at the bottom of this page. Thank you and enjoy!

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