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Chicago Fire Department news (more)

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22 Chicago firefighters have returned from nine days of emergency duty in hurricane-stricken Puerto Rico.

Their work day began before dawn and sometimes lasted into the night, and their job was to get supplies and perform well-being checks in places no one else could reach.

Incident Commander Juan Hernandez says the devastation is several times worse than what you’re seeing on TV and the internet.

“Broken bridges, roads disconnected, there’s an area where there’s about 200 individuals that are totally disconnected from civilization.” Hernandez said the other way to get food and medical supplies to them was to use a zip line.

Santiago said 20 of the 22 firefighters are bilingual. The commissioner said another 400 members of the department also volunteered to go, even offering to pay their own way.

The men and women making the trip had to use their vacation time to go to Puerto Rico.

To donate, a list of organizations and charities can be found on the city’s website.

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Chicago Fire Department news

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Twenty-two members of the Chicago Fire Department boarded a United flight to San Juan on Wednesday to deliver some much needed supplies. The firefighters are using 10 days of unpaid vacation time to do this.

They’re bringing emergency supplies and communications equipment.

Most of the firefighters have personal ties to Puerto Rico, with either family or friends living on the island, and are eager to help. Twenty of them are bilingual.

They are set to partner up with the San Juan Fire Department to do whatever they can to assist in the island’s recovery.

The 21 men and one woman are joined by Alderman Ariel Reboyras for an effort planned jointly by Congressman Luis Gutierrez, Mayor Emanuel, the volunteers. and United Airlines who is covering all travel costs.

The city will assess whether to send another contingent based on the next 10 days.

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