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New book featuring northern Illinois fire departments

Tim Olk’s book entitled ¬†Northern Illinois Fire Ground Photography is almost here!


book about northern illinois fire departments


 Download the flyer.

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CFD apparatus photos updated

Dennis McGuire, Jr. submitted several photos of Chicago Fire Department apparatus that was missing from the site or that updates older images that were posted.

In the 5th District:

  • a photo of Battalion 19’s current buggy has been added to Engine 123‘s page
Chicago Fire Department Battalion Chief 19

Dennis McGuire, Jr. photo

In the 2nd District:
  • a posed image of Engine 68 replaces an image that was at a fire scene
  • a posed image of Engine 108 also replaces an on-scene image
  • the same goes for a shot of Tower Ladder 23
  • a new image was posted of 6-7-3 the deluge wagon
Chicago Fire Department Tower Ladder 23

Dennis McGuire, Jr. photo

In the 1st District

  • an image of Engine 14 was posted showing their current unit
  • also at Engine 14’s house there is now an image of 5-2-2 the lumber truck (part of the collapse response)
  • a new image of 5-1-5, the Special Operations Battalion Chief is at Engine 5‘s house


Chicago Fire Department lumber truck Collapse Rescue Unit

Dennis McGuire, Jr. photo

Chicago Fire Department Engine 14

Dennis McGuire, Jr. photo

More images have been added or updated recently representing the Chicago Fire Department HERE.

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