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Chicago Engine 2

From atop a downtown high-rise, Dan McInerney submitted an interesting image showing Engine 2, the new fire boat, docked outside the marine headquarters. Behind Engine 2, Engine 58 is visible as is a small Coast Guard vessle leaving to go on patrol.

Chicago Fire Department Engine 2 fire boat Christopher Wheatley

Chicago Engine 2 moored at their new quarters with the Chicago Marine Unit and the local Coast Guard unit. Dan McInerney photo

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CFD fire boat construction

There is a very interesting site HERE with a year’s worth of photos documenting the construction of the new fire boat for Chicago. The drawing below illustrates the design. Previous posts about the boat can be found HERE and HERE.

Chicago Fire Department Fire Boat drawing

From the CFD Fire Boat page.


There’s also an article HERE with more photos from the Chatham Daily News, a local paper where the boat is being constructed in Ontario, Canada.

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