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Carpentersville Fire Department news

Excerpts from

Carpentersville, Illinois, Firefighter Nick Salzmann has won his appeal to decertify the local union chapter from representing him and his coworkers. Salzmann petitioned to hold a vote about whether to separate from the union back in September. Service Employees International Union bosses misled him on how to go about it.

“We’ve been going back and forth with the union to have that vote to no avail, so we brought in help from National Right To Work to file everything to decertify,” Salzmann said in January.

80% of the firefighters were in favor of separating, but the Illinois Labor Relations Board prevented them from voting based on allegations from SEIU. Union officials attempted to delay the vote by claiming Carpentersville officials violated bargaining procedures.

Salzmann appealed the decision, contending SEIU wasn’t following procedures by refusing to hold a vote.

“The union walked away from the bargaining table twice when the employer could not guarantee that the decertification process would not proceed,” Salzmann said in his appeal.

Instead of responding to the appeal, SEIU finally caved after hindering employees’ efforts to dissolve the union. They’ve since filed paperwork giving power over to Salzmann and his fellow firefighters.

While SEIU temporarily blocked the will of the firefighters, their tactics could grow more militant Nov. 8 if Illinois voters back a union power grab entitled Amendment 1. Unions want the Illinois Constitution amended to enshrine their powers to negotiate over nearly any topic and strike to get their way.

Voters need to decide whether public employee unions need any more power in Illinois. The state’s fiscal mess and $313 billion pension debt is a direct result of politicians pandering to public unions and the union bosses nurturing fealty with campaign cash.

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As seen around … Carpentersville

This from Tyler Tobolt:

Photo of the new color scheme just added to Engine 93.

Also, the new Ambulance 91 is officially in service. 

Tyler Tobolt 

#Ferrara; #FireTruck; #CarpentersvilleFD

Tyler Tobolt photo

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New ambulance for Carpentersville

From the FosterCoachSals website:

new ambulance for the Carpentersville Fire Department

rsville FD Ambulance 91e Foster Coach Sales photo

new ambulance for the Carpentersville Fire Department

Foster Coach Sales photos

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Carpentersville tower ladder for sale

Found at


Auction Ends.   8/25/21 1:20 PM ET

Remaining.    16 Days 1 Hr

This item is subject to an auto extension of the auction end time.

This item is subject to Seller Approval.

Buyer’s Premium. 12.50%

Starting Bid$1.00

Bids 17

High Bidders*********5

Current Bid.  $4,000.00

Bid Increment.  $50.00

Minimum Bid.  $4,050.00

2000 PIERCE DASH 4P1CT02S0YA000302 33,238 No Title Restriction
2000 Pierce Dash Tower; VIN# 4P1CT02SOYA000302; 2000 Dash Aerial Platform; Aluminum Body; 100’ Ladder; 1500 GPM Waterous Pump; Engine: Detroit 60 Series 500 HP; Transmission: Allison HD-4060PR; Miles 33,238; Aerial 1,541; Engine Hours 5,364; Pump Hours 167; Generator Hours 129; Front Axle 21,500 lbs; Rear Axle 58,000 lbs; Was taken out of service due to corrosion and hole in Torque Box near frame rail; New Amps 15KW Hydraulic Generator replaced on 4/14/15; New Hot Shift PTO Assembly; Ladder Extension Cylinders rebuilt 3/15/18; Runs Good; Sold As-Is.
2000 Pierce Dash 100' PAP for sale

Carpentersville FD photo

2000 Pierce Dash 100' PAP for sale

Carpentersville FD photo

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New quint for the Carpentersville Fire Department (more)

From Randy Buttliere:

Delivered today 1-29-21
Pierce Impel 107′ Ascendant
450 Cummins
1500 PUC pump
500 water
3 in 1 life safety harness system on ladder.
 2021 Pierce Impel PUC quint

Randy Buttliere photo

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New quint for the Carpentersville Fire Department (more)

From the Carpentersville Professional Fire Fighters IAFF Local 4790 Facebook page:

Final inspection day/night on our new ladder truck. Thanks to the Carpentersville community supporting their fire department.

Pierce Impel PUC quint

Carpentersville FD photo

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New quint for the Carpentersville Fire Department (more)

production photos of the New quint for the Carpentersville Fire Department

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Carpentersville Fire Department news

From the Carpentersville Professional Fire Fighters IAFF Local 4790 Facebook page:

Huge shoutout to the Carpentersville Professional Fire Fighters IAFF Local 4790 for making a little girls birthday so special today, amidst the shelter in place. Engine 92 rumbled down the street with lights blazing and they stopped in front of her home to give a proper birthday sound off! Smiles like this were just what we all needed today!
Photographic Art By AZ

Carpentersville FD Engine 92

Photo by AZ

Carpentersville FD Engine 92

Photo by AZ

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New quint for the Carpentersville Fire Department

More information on the quint that the Carpentersville FD is buying

comparison bids for new Carpentersville fire truck

pricing for new Pierce Impel PUC Ascendant 107' quint


purchase authorization for new Pierce Impel PUC Ascendant 107' quint

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Carpentersville fire Department news

Excerpts from Carpentersville village board meeting minutes:

TO: Village President and Board of Trustees
FROM: John?Paul Schilling, Fire Chief
DATE: January 31, 2020
RE: Ladder Tower & Engine Replacement with Multi-Function Vehicle (Quint)

The current engine and ladder tower assigned to Station 91 were purchased in 2000 at a cost of $280,000 for the engine and $642,255 for the ladder tower. For many years the Village’s Capital Replacement program has had these two vehicles scheduled to be replaced in FY 2020. During the FY 2017 budget process, the fire department recommended that instead of replacing both vehicles, it would be more advantageous to replace the two vehicles with one multi-function vehicle it can provide the services of an engine and a ladder truck at a greatly reduced cost.

At the beginning of May of 2019, we discovered a catastrophic failure of the support structure of the 100-foot ladder. A cost versus benefit analysis was conducted and determined that due to its age and the scheduled replacement in FY 2020, it was not worth the cost of repairing the damaged support structure.

Over the past four months, fire department and fleet maintenance personnel formed a committee to determine the mission of the replacement multi-function vehicle and the specifications to not only support the current level of service provided to the community but to also increase the level of service at a lower cost.

Use of an established purchasing cooperative bid program which alleviates the time and cost of conducting an open bid process. The results of utilizing the Houston Galveston Purchasing Cooperative bids, reduced the initial base cost by $42,998. The committee took a very conservative approach in the design and specification of the vehicle. The resulting specifications only included needed items and not any items that are outside of meeting it mission or considered bells and whistles.

Knowing the recent history of structural issues with the old ladder/tower and a front line engine from the same manufacturer, we were able to garner an additional $50,000 discount from the manufacturer. One hundred percent prepayment will result in a $32,755.00 price reduction. Since we are recommending the 100 percent prepayment it is imperative to incur the cost of a performance bond at a cost of $2,984. The Carpentersville and Countryside Fire Protection District Board was successful in obtaining a levy increase with the emphasis on the purchase of this new vehicle and their residents and businesses having a direct benefit from this purchase. The levy increase is estimated at an additional $120,000 for fiscal year 2020 and subsequent years. It should be noted under this section that if the village does not initiate this purchase prior to February 14, 2020, the manufacturer will be instituting a three percent price increase which would result in an $32,629 cost to purchase the vehicle.

During the evaluation time period of 2001 through 2018 the fire department responded to 672 structure fires involving properties with total value of $204,397,000 which resulted in $192,041,000 in property value saved. Conservatively estimating that the telescoping ladder was used as part of an effective firefighting force 10% of the time, this would show that the old ladder truck had a part in saving $19,204,000 in property. The initial investment of the old ladder truck was $642,255 and during its service life participated in saving $19,204,000 worth of property value. This would indicate that the ladder truck saved a property value of 29.9 times more than the villages initial investment.

Solely based on historical data, it is estimated that the new Quint will respond to at least the same number of structure fires as in the past (672) and that the return on this investment would be even greater being that most property values are higher than in the past 18 years. Carpentersville is home to over 100 multi-family residential buildings. The odds of a successful rescue of multiple victims from the third floor are increased significantly when an aerial ladder is utilized.

The Insurance Service Office (ISO) which sets the standards for fire departments Public Protection Classification (PPC) states the following for the necessity of a ladder truck in a fire protection areas; “Individual ladder/service response areas with at least 5 buildings of 3 stories or 32 feet or more in height (ground to eaves) or with at least 5 buildings that have a Needed Fire Flow greater than 3,500 gpm or with at least 5 buildings meeting any combination of those criteria must have a ladder company.” As noted throughout this report, the Village of Carpentersville definitely meets this ISO requirement. It should also be noted that should the village not provide an aerial ladder truck, the current Public Protection Class (PPC Class 2) would be in jeopardy of increasing to a PPC Class 3 or higher and increased insurance premiums for commercial properties.

With input from the fire department and fleet service, the new vehicle should have a minimum requirement of a 100’ telescoping main ladder, a single-axle chassis, a minimum of a 1,500 gallon-per-minute pump,  and a minimum of a 500-gallon water tank.

Base price for qualifying vehicles from three apparatus builders are $817,000, $794,000, and $1,261,000.

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