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Of interest north of the border … Burlington Rescue Squad (more)

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Tuesday night saw the end of a 73-year-old tradition. The Burlington Rescue Squad, a volunteer emergency medical service that has covered the City and Town of Burlington since 1946, officially disbanded when the clock struck midnight. The writing was on the wall for the rescue squad’s dissolution for quite some time. Volunteerism is down and call volume is up. In April, the Rescue Squad and City of Burlington Fire Department jointly announced they were entering negotiations for a merger. The Burlington Rotary Club oversaw the nonprofit rescue squad for the entirety of its existence. For many years, the squad also provided service to portions of Walworth and Kenosha counties and part of the Town of Dover in Racine County. But in recent years, call volume had reached 1,300 to 1,600 annually, an unsustainable level for the volunteer entity.

With the end of one era begins another. The City of Burlington Fire Department will now run EMS calls in the town and city, picking up where the rescue squad left off. In preparation, the fire department elevated its service to the level of the rescue squad by obtaining advanced EMT licensure, the second-highest EMS certification. The city also allocated more than $360,000 for new hires in the 2020 budget, and the rescue squad agreed to give the fire department an ambulance and various equipment.

About 20 members were on the all-volunteer rescue squad. One has applied to join the city and others plan on joining other agencies such as the Rochester Volunteer Fire Co., Lyons Fire Department, Madison Fire Department, and Waukesha Fire Department. Others will take time off.

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Of interest north of the border … Burlington Rescue Squad

Excerpts from the journal

The Burlington Rescue Squad will dissolve at the end of the year due to difficulties keeping up with an increased call volume and a decline in volunteerism. The dissolution will leave the City of Burlington Fire Department to pick up rescue services for city residents. Town of Burlington officials are negotiating with the city regarding a likely contract for EMS service after Dec. 31.  Both municipalities have their own fire departments. The city’s department will hire three additional full-time and two additional part-time fire/EMS staff resulting in the city fire department’s paid staff being comprised of: five full-time and 12 part-time fire/EMS staff and one part-time administrative assistant. They also have volunteer firefighters,

The town could then feasibly contract with the city for rescue service, which appears to be the most likely outcome.  About 20 members are currently on the rescue squad roster, and some will likely volunteer with the city fire department or other area volunteer departments.

The volunteer squad, founded in 1946, has been responding to 1,300 to 1,600 calls annually over the past few years. It was founded as a nonprofit by the Burlington Rotary Club, which continued to oversee it. At one time they also covered parts of Dover, Kenosha County, and Walworth County.

The Rescue Squad Board of Directors decided that continuing service is no longer practical. In April, the squad and city fire department had jointly announced they were entering negotiations to merge. The squad considered lightening its load by solely responding to the town, but it was determined last week that it was not feasible.

Some of the rescue squad’s equipment will be donated to the city and town fire departments, while the rest will be donated to departments in need throughout the state.