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New unit for Chicago Ambulance 10

This from Josh Boyajian:

Brand New 2013 Ford F-350 Powerstroke Braun ambulance awaiting to be placed into service. Caught it sitting at the shops this afternoon.


new Chicago Fire Department ambulance

New unit for Chicago Ambulance 10. Josh Boyajian photo

and from Scott Pilafas

It’s about time

new Chicago Fire Department ambulance

Scott Pilafas photo

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New ambulance for Chicago 30

From Josh Boyajian:


Chicago FD Ambulance 30

Chicago FD Ambulance 30. Josh Boyajian photo

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CFD ambulance

This from Josh Boyajian:

I stopped by 31st and Sacramento Monday and caught a new CFD ambulance that was delivered yesterday. Its a 2013 Ford Braun Ambulance with a F-350 chassis. It has the new Fed Sig Vision SRL light bar on it. Here is my picture


Braun Type I ambulance for Chicago

2013 Ford F-350/Braun Type I ambulance delivered to the CFD. Josh Boyajian photo

Update from Josh:

I’m being told that the ambulance sitting at the radio shops is a re-chassis from a previous unit that was wrecked. The new chassis is a Ford F-350 Power stroke diesel.


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CFD ambulances added to the site

Matt Schumann has supplied images of six CFD ambulances that were not on the site:

Chicago Fire Department Ambulance90


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Chicago Ambulance 87 added to the site

Dennis McGuire, Jr. submitted an image of Chicago Ambulance 87

Chicago Fire Department Ambulance 87

Chicago BLS Ambulance 87 is a 2009 Ford F-350/Braun Type I carrying shop id #C140. Dennis McGuire, Jr. photo

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New ambulance for Warrenville

Martin Nowak found another recent delivery for us on a manufacturer’s website. This time, we go to the Braun Custom Ambulance site showing a new unit for the Warrenville Fire Department.

Recent Delivery – #5857 – Warrenville Fire Protection District

 Please view our gallery of a Braun Chief XL Type I ambulance on a Ram D-4500 chassis delivered to Warrenville Fire Protection District in Warrenville, IL. This unit was delivered by Allan Wenckus of North Central Ambulance Sales & Service.
Warrenville Fire Protection District Braun ambulance

New Type I ambulance for the Warrenville Fire Protection District on a Dodge Ram chassis. Braun photo

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CFD apparatus updated on the site

Several images of Chicago Fire Department apparatus have been updated or added to the site recently:

  • Ambulance 33 has been added to Engine 107‘s house
  • Ambulance 14 has been added to Engine 54‘s house
  • Battalion 3 has been added to Engine 14‘s house
  • 2-2-4 has been added to Engine 38‘s house
  • 9-1-5 has been updated at Engine 28‘s house
  • 5-1-5 has been updated at Engine 5‘s house

Chicago Fire Department Ambulance 14 Ford Braun

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