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New ambulances for Bolingbrook

Martin Nowak spotted a new delivery photo on the Wheeled Coach website for the Bolingbrook Fire Department

Wheeled Coach ambulances for the Bolingbrook Fire Department

Wheeled Coach photo

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New engine for Bolingbrook

This from Lucas Hanson

I just thought I’d share a picture of Bolingbrook‘s new engine 5 that went in service this week.¬† Its a Pierce PUC, not sure of any specs.

Bolingbrook Fire Department Engine 5 2012 Pierce Impel PUC

Bolingbrook received this 2012 Pierce Impel PUC for Engine 5. Lucas Hanson photo

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Bolingbrook has a new ambulance

Martin Nowak spotted Bolingbrook‘s new ambulance (which was mentioned HERE) on the Wheeled Coach site HERE.

Bolingbrook Fire Department Wheeled Coach Type I ambulance

Bolingbrook's newest ambulance is expected to be in service by the end of 2011. Fire Service, Inc. photo

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Bolingbrook site corrections

Thanks to all of the readers who brought to our attention the errors which occurred when Bolingbrook was added to the site last week. Evidently the proof reading/checking phase of the upload was over looked which resulted in several errors. Hopefully, all has been corrected with the listing of Truck 1, the updated radio frequency, and the station numbers and addresses.

Bolingbrook Fire Department Tower 1 - Grumman AerialCat

Bolingbrook Truck 1 as correctly noted to be a Grumman tower ladder.

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Bolingbrook has been added to the site

Bolingbrook Fire Department patch

The Bolingbrook Fire Department in MABAS Division 16, has been added to the site. Bolingbrook runs out of five stations. Each station has a suppression company and all but Station 5 run a medic unit. The suppression company at Station 1 is a jump company utilizing either the engine or the truck depending on the nature of the dispatch. As mentioned previously, a new engine is on order for Station 5, and a new medic unit will be in service before the year ends.

Bolingbrook Fire Department Engine 2 HME Ferrara Intruder 2

One of three units by Ferrara in Bolingbrook. Larry Shapiro photo

The suppression apparatus are a mixture of Precision Fire Apparatus (out of Camdenton, MO), Ferrara, Grumman, and Seagrave. Medic units were build by Road Rescue, Wheeled Coach, Life Line, and Osage.

Bolingbrook Fire Department Engine 5 Precision Fire Apparatus

Engine 5 has one of two commercial engines in Bolingbrook, both of which were built by Precision Fire Apparatus. Larry Shapiro photo

Missing from the images posted on the site are a 1992 Seagrave reserve engine at Station 4, and two large trailers. One at Station 4 carries a Gator AWD unit, and one at Station 5 houses the technical rescue equipment.

Bolingbrook Fire Department Medic Unit 1

This ambulance has different striping than the other units in Bolingbrook because they purchased it from Air Angels. Larry Shapiro photo

The medic unit running out of Station 1 was formerly owned by Air Angels, Inc. which went out of business in February of 2009. Air Angels operated ground medical transport and helicopter transport. In 2008, an Air Angels helicopter crashed.

Bolingbrook Fire Station 3

Bolingbrook Station 3 is at 1111 W. Boughton Road. Larry Shapiro photo

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