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Box Alarm in Buffalo Grove, 6-20-17

Buffalo Grove firefighters were called to 685 Le Parc Circle late Tuesday afternoon after a homeowner was alerted on his phone of an alarm going off. The Code 2 for the alarm investigation was elevated to a Code 3 for the reported fire after receiving an update from the homeowner who arrived home and found smoke in the unit.

Buffalo Grove (BG) Battalion 4 arrived to find light smoke around the eaves and upgraded to a Code 4 for the working fire. BG companies went to the roof and inside the unit while mutual aid crews investigated the adjoining units. Heavy smoke conditions inside initially hampered locating the seat of the attic fire and a fear of extension throughout the multiple unit building prompted further upgrading the alarm to a MABAS Box Alarm.

Companies at the scene were: Buffalo Grove Battalion 4, Engine 26, Quints 25 and 27, Squad 25, Ambulances 25 and 26, plus three additional chief officers. Mutual aid companies were: Arlington Heights Engine 4, Ambulance 4, and 400; Long Grove Squad 55 and 5500; Palatine Engine 82; Lincolnshire-Riverwoods Squad 51; Wheeling Engine 42 and 2400; ambulances from Barrington Countryside, Lake Zurich, Schaumburg, and Lake Villa; a Libertyville squad, a Countryside engine, trucks from Mundelein and Grayslake (in a spare truck X-Mundelein), the Mess Canteen Unit M5, plus Buffalo Grove EMA.

One firefighter was transported to an area hospital for observation after being evaluated in rehab.


townhouse building fire

Larry Shapiro photo

heavy smoke from attic vent

Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove FD E-ONE Typhoon fire engine at work

Larry Shapiro photo

Firefighters guide hose line into a house

Larry Shapiro photo

heavy smoke from townhouse fire

Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove FD KME quint at work

Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove FD E-ONE Typhoon fire engine at work

Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove FD E-ONE Cyclone quint at work

Larry Shapiro photo

large diameter hose in the street

Larry Shapiro photo

Mess Canteen M5 rehab unit

Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove FD Quint 27

Dan McInerney photo

Buffalo Grove FD Engine 26

Dan McInerney photo

Firefighters rehab at fire scene

Larry Shapiro photo

Mundelein FD tower ladder

Dan McInerney photo

Mundelein FD new and old fire trucks

Larry Shapiro photo

Northwest Lake County Fire Training Cooperative

Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove FD fire scene

Dan McInerney photo

firefighters after battling a fire

Dan McInerney photo

mom take picture of toddler dressed as a fireman

Larry Shapiro photo

Buffalo Grove FD E-ONE Cyclone quint reflecting in a pond

Larry Shapiro photo

E-ONE aerial ladder

Dan McInerney photo

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Barrington Countryside FPD

The Barrington Courier Review has an article on the Barrington Countryside FPD a year after separating from the Barrrington Fire Department:

Almost one year after the Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District’s separation from the Barrington Fire Department, the BCFPD has purchased several new emergency vehicles and upgraded existing ones.

Under a fleet modernization program, the last vehicle to enter service was a fire engine that holds 1,250 gallons of water … Two new ambulances and two 3,000-gallon water tenders were also purchased earlier this year.

“We replaced or altered every apparatus we had,” BCFPD Trustee Thomas Rowan said. “It changes our response structure tremendously.”

The year-long fleet modernization project cost $1.74 million, all purchased with reserve funds.

“The equipment became much more affordable than we thought it would be,” said Rowan. “In today’s market, we did very well.”

“We can show up at a fire with close to 8,000 gallons of water. We didn’t have that flexibility a year ago,” he said. “We can come in and have all the water without having to wait. We’re minutes ahead of where we were before.”

Also, BCFPD fire engines are now equipped with advanced life support tools to keep a patient stabilized.

An additional fire engine and two additional ambulances also give firefighter/paramedics enhanced ability to respond to multiple calls at once, which can be particularly useful in severe weather when call volume tends to be higher. Rowan said this also decreases the BCFPD’s dependence on neighboring departments.

The district also modernized some of their existing equipment like a 2,000-gallon water tanker that has been converted to a quick response engine.

“Our neighbors love us having those tenders,” Asta said. “Those tenders help our neighbors who are in the same situation as us, so it provides them that same level as well.”

Rowan said the additional vehicles were purchased with reserve funds set aside in anticipation of the separation from the Barrington Fire Department.

“We probably don’t have to worry about tenders for another 20 years. We’re hoping the engines will be 12 to 15 years in front line service,” he explained.

Because the BCFPD purchased the new vehicles with reserve funds, the financial burden did not fall on district taxpayers. Also, the fleet modernization will allow the district to move ahead with plans on building a third station without having to procure additional vehicles.

Wenschhof said the BCFPD received approximately 1,400 calls between Jan. 1 and Nov. 1, 2014, most of which were emergency medical calls.

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3-Alarm fire in Wauconda 5-10-14

This from Sam Borica:

Here’s some apparatus shots at the Port Barrington structure fire at 139 Eastwood Ave. It went to a box alarm then upgraded to 2nd alarm for tenders only on Box #34-B2.
Thanks, Sam Borcia
Algonquin-Lake in the Hills fire engine

Sam Borica photo

Barrington Countryside FPD water tanker

Sam Borica photo

Lake Zurich fire engine at fire scene

Sam Borica photo

Greater Round Lake FPD water tanker

Sam Borica photo

Palatine Rural FPD water tanker

Sam Borica photo

firemen at fire scene with fire trucks

Sam Borica photo

Fox River Grove FD water tanker

Sam Borica photo

A fire left a Port Barrington home with about $150,000 in damage Saturday afternoon, authorities said. A neighbor reported the blaze in the two-story home on the 100 block of Eastwood Avenue, the Wauconda Fire District said in a news release.

There are no fire hydrants in the rural area. Water had to [be] carried on tenders to help extinguish the flames.  The fire was brought under control within 45 minutes, the release stated. No injuries were reported. Investigators continue to probe the cause.

Units from a dozen departments responded, including Lake Zurich, McHenry, Barrington, Palatine, and Fox Lake.

thanks Dan

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Barrington FD & Barrington CFPD still negotiating mutual aid

The Barrington Courier-Review has an article with states that as the year-end separation nears, there is no mutual-aid agreement yet between the Barrington Fire Department and the Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District.

With less than two weeks until the Village of Barrington’s Fire Department and the Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District begin operating independently, the two sides have still been unable to come to terms on a mutual aid agreement.

The Barrington Village Board previously set a goal to have a deal in place by its Dec. 16 meeting, but the topic was not brought before trustees.

Barrington Fire Chief James Arie said the village has reached out with proposals, but has yet to receive a response from officials at the district. The agreements detail support plans that would go into effect in an emergency across jurisdictional boundaries. Meanwhile, the village has secured automatic aid agreements with neighboring departments in Lake Zurich, Long Grove and Palatine while continuing to negotiate with additional agencies in the area.

“We’ve got resources around us that are prepared to respond to our needs on a daily basis,” said Arie, adding that Barrington firefighters are eager to begin independent operations Jan. 1.

The Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District also moved forward with its independent fire response plan this week by finalizing an automatic aid agreement with the Palatine Rural Fire Protection District. Approved Dec. 16, officials on both sides said the agreement provides residents with high levels of fire and emergency medical services.

According to a district press release, the agreement calls for the Countryside Fire Protection District to provide a fire engine or water tanker vehicle as needed, for all structure fires in Palatine Rural’s jurisdiction. The Barrington district also will send a truck to all Palatine Rural-based calls generated by automatic fire alarm systems.

In return, Palatine Rural will provide an Advanced Life Support engine for Barrington Countryside calls that occur south of Lake-Cook Road, and will provide initial fire and paramedic response for calls on the district’s eastern edge, according to the press release.

“As we begin discussing how our respective organizations might help each other, our only consideration was to ensure that any agreement assisted in fulfilling our mission to provide excellence in service,” said District Fire Chief Jeff Swanson. “That is the benchmark of everything we do. We are very comfortable with the agreement and we will meet regularly over the next year to keep it that way.”

The agreement, which will take effect Jan. 1, was formally approved by the district’s Board of Trustees on Dec. 16. The Palatine Rural Board of Trustees is expected to approve the agreement at a special meeting later this month.

“This agreement between Palatine Rural and Barrington Countryside has taken a bit longer than expected, but it ensures that our residents will receive a premier level of fire and emergency medical service,” Palatine Rural Fire Chief Hank Clemmensen said.

The district board also approved the purchase of a new 3,000 gallon water tanker. Officials said the tanker will vastly improve the district’s ability to deliver large amounts of water to areas that do not have fire hydrants.

“We were very fortunate to find a stock unit that met our needs,” Rowan said. “It avoids us having to wait eight months for the tender to be built.” The $205,000 vehicle, which arrived at district headquarters in mid-December, was manufactured by Minnesota-based Midwest Fire Equipment firm Luverne.

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Palatine Rural FPD begins communication with the two Barrington fire departments

The Daily Herald has an article about the administrative changes which need to be addressed regarding automatic aid agreements between the Palatine Rural Fire Protection District and the Barrington Fire Department and Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District.

Palatine Rural Fire Protection District’s board of trustees has voted to terminate its automatic-aid agreement with the Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District and the Barrington Fire Department.

Palatine Rural Chief Hank Clemmensen said the move becomes effective Dec. 31, giving all parties ample time to work out “possible” new agreements before Countryside officially splits from Barrington to operate as an independent fire department.

“We’ll need two auto-aid agreements after Jan. 1,” Clemmensen said. “Now we can sit down with both agencies to renegotiate.”

Palatine Rural’s vote to end the agreement is somewhat of a formality.

Barrington Fire Chief Jim Arie said the village had already planned to work out a new agreement with Palatine Rural that recognizes the separation from Barrington Countryside.

Clemmensen emphasized that any future auto-aid agreement, which is designed to provide immediate initial responses to an emergency by the closest fire station regardless of jurisdiction, would need to be fair and equitable for all sides.

Currently, Palatine Rural’s jurisdiction generally covers the eastern two-thirds of Inverness. Western Inverness and north of Dundee, including the area by Ela Road just 1.5 miles north of the Palatine Rural station, are in Countryside’s district. Clemmensen said Palatine Rural responds to those areas with an engine for most calls, essentially subsidizing service. A fee could help make up the difference when there’s not much opportunity for reciprocation of service. “My board doesn’t feel we’re getting the same return,” Clemmensen said. “It’s not fair to our residents to support another fire district for daily operations.”

A Barrington Countryside spokesman said the district isn’t surprised or concerned with the termination, and added that both districts are discussing other options for aid should any be necessary considering the Countryside’s increased staffing in 2014.

Clemmensen maintained it would “behoove” residents of western Inverness to have Palatine Rural always respond since its station is closer. However, he said he can’t take resources away from his own district’s residents. If a satisfactory auto-aid agreement can’t be reached with Barrington Countryside, he said an alternative could be for Palatine Rural to expand its jurisdiction. For that to happen, residents of Barrington Countryside would have to petition for a referendum to annex into Palatine Rural.

thanks Dan

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