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New contract for Arlington Heights FD

The Daily Herald has an article about the approval of new contracts for the firefighters and police officers in Arlington Heights.

Arlington Heights approved new three-year contracts with its fire and police unions on Monday night that include salary raises but also higher contributions from employees to their insurance premiums.

Members of both the Metropolitan Alliance of Police, Arlington Heights Police Chapter No. 510, and the Arlington Heights Firefighters Association, Local No. 3105, had already ratified the new contracts before the village board voted to unanimously approve them at its Monday meeting. The previous contracts expired at the end of April.

Police union officials reached the agreement after three bargaining sessions, while for the firefighter union it took six. Both new contracts expire on April 30, 2017, and were reached through the interest-based bargaining process, officials said.

Member of both unions will receive 2.5 percent salary increases on May 1, 2014, 2015 and 2016, according to the contract. Police officers will also receive additional holiday pay for one more holiday this year, bringing the total to seven.

Beginning May 1, 2015, members of both unions will pay 12 percent of their insurance premium contribution, an increase from the 10 percent they currently pay, according to the contract details. Police officers will also receive an increase in their equipment allowance from $200 to $300, while firefighters will receive an increase in their uniform allowance from $150 to $300.

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Lakewood to disband fire department

The Village of Lakewood, in McHenry County, created a new fire department four years ago. Prior to that, they had contracted for many years with Crystal Lake for fire protection. They are currently looking into an intergovernmental agreement with the Woodstock Fire Rescue District to provide these services beginning the first of next year. An article in the Northwest Herald can be seen HERE.

Thanks to Bill Friedrich for bringing this to our attention.

Lakewood Fire Department

Lakewood Engine 1041 came from Tallman, NY. It was origiinally a 1977 Hahn 1500/1000 that was refurbished by Pierce in 1991 with a new Pierce Arrow cab. Larry Shapiro photo

Lakewood Fire Department

Lakewood Engine 1042 is a 1987 Pierce Arrow 1500/500 which was formerly owned by Arlington Heights, IL. Larry Shapiro photo

Lakewood Fire Department

This is Lakewood Brush 1061 which is built around a Ford F350 -pickup. Larry Shapiro photo

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new site additions: Arlington Heights and North Maine FPD

The Arlington Heights link (Division 1) has been updated to include all four stations. There are still a few tidbits that will need to be updated (like the body builder for all of the squads … and a few dates of manufacture) but otherwise the only missing apparatus is the ever elusive ambulance 4 and RE4 which is currently at the fire academy.

Hopefully Elk Grove Village and Rolling Meadows will be the next Division 1 departments to go online.

The North Maine FPD (Division 3) was also added recently.   Park Ridge will be added within a few days.

The Chicago FD listing of Districts/Battalions (Division 9) is still being tweaked for accuracy and once this has been completed, CFD rigs and stations will begin to appear on the site. Images are being supplied by several contributors.

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New additions to Division 1

The Wheeling Fire Department, Stations [gmt ma:-34.397//150.644//8//roadmap:]23[/gmt] & [gmt ma:42.139038899999996//-87.98622370000001//15//roadmap:]24[/gmt] have been added to Division 1 (minus photos of their stations).  The Wheeling listings will change in the coming months as they have broken ground on a new headquarters station.  They will eventually have three stations manned instead of the current two.

Also in Division 1, Arlington Heights [gmt ma:auto//roadmap:]Station 4[/gmt] has been added, with a few images missing.

New additions that are expected in the coming weeks include Division 19 which is being submitted by Karl Klotz and the first upload of Chicago as Steve Redick and Hank Sajovic are assembling station and apparatus photos.

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