Crete Township Fire Protection District Station

The newest station for Crete Township is at 26730 S. Stony Island Avenue. Bill Friedrich photo

The Crete Township Fire Protection in MABAS Division 27has three stations. They have a variety of engines made my Pierce, E-ONE, Luverne, and Alexis. The ambulances are from Medtec and they also have three tankers (tenders), the newest of which was completed in 2011 by Alexis on a Freightliner M2 chassis.

In 1995, Crete Township was one of several south suburban fire departments to order an engine from Luverne on an HME 1871 chassis. Two of these had the largest extended and raised cabs that were offered; one went to Alsip and the other is still on the roster for Crete Township with a fully enclosed pump operator panel.

Crete Township Fire Protection District patch

The newest unit in the Crete Township fleet is a 3,000-gallon tender built by Alexis on a Freightliner chassis. There is a graphic on the porta-tank cover which illustrates a steamer that was refurbished by Gene Morris of Alexis Fire Equipment.

Crete Township FPD steamer graphics

The graphic represents a steamer which resides at Alexis Fire Equipment. Bill Friedrich photo


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