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Fox River & Countryside Fire Rescue District update

Dennis McGuire, Jr. sent a link to an article in yesterday’s Daily Herald about the Fox River & Countryside Fire Rescue District hiring personnel.  Some excerpts:

Though the final staffing contract has yet to receive a vote, Fox River & Countryside Fire/Rescue trustees now have an employee roster they believe rivals or surpasses any other local fire department.

American Emergency Services completed the hiring of the district’s fire and ambulance personnel. Of the 21 full-time employees, 18 are certified to work as both firefighters and paramedics. The remaining three will have the same credentials upon completion of paramedic school. The department will employ 10 paid-on-call firefighters with lesser training as basic EMTs and two firefighters with paramedic certification. Including additional part-time staff, the district will have nearly 40 employees in the fire department.

Trustees announced Monday night the department is now a member of MABAS (Mutual Aid Box Alarm System) Division II, which includes communities such as South Elgin, Elgin and East and West Dundee among others.

Trustees also said discussions are under way for auto aid agreements with South Elgin and Pingree Grove.

(Fire district President Jim) Gaffney also said he plans on having further discussions with St. Charles to see what assistance the two fire departments may be able to provide each other in the future.

Gaffney refused to answer any questions about the district’s impasses with Campton Hills and South Elgin on the progression of construction on the district’s new fire houses in those communities. Both communities have issued stop work orders to the fire district in recent weeks. Gaffney said those notices won’t slow down the fire district.

“We’ll be ready to go at midnight on May 1,” Gaffney said.

The entire article can be found HERE.

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Fox River and Countryside Fire/Rescue District – update

The Kane County Chronicle has an article which outlines a new deadline for the Fox River and Countryside Fire/Rescue District board to choose a service provider for the new fire department.

Some excerpts from the article:

The Fox River and Countryside Fire/Rescue District board did not choose an emergency service provider as expected on Thursday but said they would negotiate a contract with two potential providers and choose one by Feb. 1.

The two are the City of St. Charles Fire Department and AES, American Emergency Services. The board met at a special meeting in a basement training room at St. Charles Fire Station 1.

“We brought them in, gave each one three minutes to answer questions and the citizens advisory wrote down their comments,” Baldwin said of the potential service providers. “AES met pretty much down the line in regards to the [request for proposal] we had and St. Charles suggested pretty much staying status quo.”

A third potential service provider, Metro Paramedic Services, was dropped from consideration because its proposal response was not complete.

The entire article can be found HERE.

The Daily Herald had an article last week (January 10) which stated that American Emergency Services (AES) will almost certainly get the contract. That article can be found HERE.

American Emergency Services will almost certainly be the new 911 service provider for the former St. Charles Countryside Fire Protection District.

On January 14th, The Daily Herald had a followup article.

Residents grill Fox River Countryside fire district over dumping St. Charles firefighters

Feedback during Thursday’s meeting at the St. Charles downtown fire station made it clear that some residents remain wary of what it will all mean to the emergency services in the St. Charles, Campton and Wayne township areas served by the district.

“Perhaps some of us missed some of the details in the past as to what was going on, but we are confident in the St. Charles Fire Department, and your plan slipped by us,” (resident Dennis) Marquis told fire district trustees. “There is no excuse for not watching more closely in the past, but we will be watching more closely now. We wish you success with your plan and hope you come through on your goals of better response time and cost controls.”

“We have a centrally located fire station in St. Charles, so why would we build and staff two separate offices, supposedly for better protection? It seems very unusual to me,” (resident Becky) Lenard said.

The complete article can be found HERE.

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Fox River & Countryside Fire/Rescue District – update

The Kane County Chronicle posted an article HERE about several options that are being considered for the direction of the new Fox River & Countryside Fire/Rescue District. The St. Charles Fire Department, Metro Paramedic Services, and American Emergency Services have all submitted proposals which will be considered by the board in February.

District officials announced last month they wanted to change its operations to open other fire and ambulance stations, which would lower response time for emergency services for residents of Wayne, Campton and St. Charles townships.

… the fire protection district held its last meeting, as its name change to Fox River and Countryside Fire/Rescue District goes into effect Saturday.

Its new website is which also links from the old district’s name,

Thanks for Dennis McGuire, Jr. for submitting this information.

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Lakewood Fire Department update

The Trib Local – Crystal Lake has a thorough article HERE about the Lakewood Fire Department and the future arrangements with the Woodstock Fire Rescue Department. Among the information in the article are the costs for services that Lakewood will pay to The Woodstock Fire Rescue Department over the next five years and information about the $10,000 per month that they will pay to American Emergency Services for the year 2011. The article also outlines the status of apparatus and personnel currently under the umbrella of the Lakewood Fire Department.

The chief and part-time deputy will not be retained. All full-time employees will be evaluated and offered part-time positions with the opportunity to go through Woodstock’s testing process to become full-time. Because the fire district is part of a union, full-time firefighters can’t be absorbed.

Not all current employees will be hired, Woodstock Fire Chief Ralph Webster said. Administrators will not be retained because Woodstock already has those positions. Wage and benefits would change little, he said.

Thanks again to Dennis McGuire, Jr. for

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Lakewood update

It is official that the Woodstock Fire Rescue District will takeover fire protection for the town of Lakewood. For the near future, the Lakewood Fire Department name will remain in existence and the uniforms, bunker gear, and apparatus will still carry that name. Many of the full-time and part-time Lakewood employees will be employed by Woodstock and might work from either of the Woodstock stations or the Lakewood station. Some of the Lakewood apparatus is owned by American Emergency Services and will leave at the first of the year when Woodstock takes over.

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A new start for the St. Charles Countryside FPD

Dennis McGuire, Jr. found this article in the Daily Herald about the St. Charles Countryside FPD changing their name to the Fox River and Countryside Fire and Rescue Department. There has been speculation that the department would split from their contract with the St. Charles Fire Department and form a new department. One thought is that American Emergency Services which is losing a contract to run the Lakewood Fire Department in McHenry County, might run this department in Kane County.

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Lakewood Fire Department update

HERE is an article from the Northwest Herald confirming arrangements for the Woodstock Fire Rescue District to provide fire protection to Lakewood beginning next year. The article outlines the projected costs, the continued use of the Lakewood Fire Station, and talk of staffing. Lakewood has been contracting with American Emergency Services, a private company, for the past four years since they terminated a contract with Crystal Lake.

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