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Of interest … Firefighters visit children’s hospital in Atlanta

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It was quite a surprise for young patients at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta on Friday. When they looked out their windows, they saw firefighters waving at them.

Sandy Springs firefighters came up with the plan. Rappel off the top of the hospital and spread a little joy on their way down. As they lowered themselves, they stopped and waved to patients on the other side of the glass.

“It was a wow. If I was the firefighter, it would be scary. I’m really afraid of heights, so that would not be the job for me,” said 10-year-old Nick.

Firefighters say they just wanted to bring a smile to the faces of the children, like 3-year-old Austin. “Austin was diagnosed with leukemia earlier this year and has been going through treatment since January 18. The end of treatment is May 2025, so we’re counting down,” said his mom, Chelsea Herre. He wants to be a firefighter.

“To be here, and witness this and be part of it is a dream for all of us, to watch him see something cool and special that most kids don’t get to see,” said Chelsea.

Spider-Man made an appearance, and Santa was there too. Once everyone was safely on the ground, they went inside to deliver gifts and spend some time with the children.

“The joy that it brought us was not something we knew was going to happen. We thought we were just coming out here to give them some happiness, it brought us more joy than we could imagine,” said Sandy Springs Fire Lt. Jason Anderson.

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Rockford Fire Department news

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13 recruits walked the stage at the Rockford Fire Department Recruit Academy Graduation Ceremony. For many of the recruits, this process has taken more than 2 and half years since they applied. There are thorough background checks met with lots of interviewing and test-taking for the recruits.

Rockford is the regional recruitment center and nearby departments are able to send candidates.

11 of the recruits will be joining Rockford. Sterling and Dixon-Rural Fire Departments each had a graduate of their own.

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