Excerpts from wrex.com:

State Fire Marshall, James A. Rivera presented a check to the chief of the Kirkland Community Fire District to replace aging equipment.

Back in March of this year, the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal (OSFM) announced the recipients of the 2023 Small Equipment Grant Program. $1.5 million was awarded to 67 fire departments/districts and EMS providers across the state.

Kirkland Community Fire District, in rural DeKalb County, was one of those 67 departments to receive grant funding. The department was awarded  $22,866.55 to be used to purchase the latest generation of battery-powered, hydraulic extrication equipment.

According to Fire Chief Chad Connell it has been about 20 years since the current (older) equipment has been replaced.

“With the equipment that we’re replacing with this check today is going to help the community in automobile, auto automobile accidents. The equipment is lighter, it’s more forgiving for for people to use. The technology is going to help us be able to access vehicles quicker” Connell stated. 

Kirkland Community Fire District looks to replace an ambulance within the next month as well as possibly getting a front line engine. These purchases will help the district stay up to date and safe in the future. 


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