This from John Tobin:

Just got all the pictures together from the 50th anniversary and some new ones from a past members family.

For the past several years the Snorkel has been on display @ the FWD/Seagrave museum in Clintonville, Wi. I wanted to get it down here for the 50th and once again Plote came thru and “Low Boyed” it down here. It was here for the 2022 4th of July parade and it will return, probably forever after the 2023 4th of July parade.

The members of the PFD came thru with $$$ to do some much needed maintenance and to get the striping re-done to as close as possible to when it was delivered. Special thanks to Allen Thennes of “On call graphics” for putting up with my very specific wants and he did a great job.

I was hoping to see more at the memorial, however the ice storm the day before definitely put a damper on things.

The flag ceremony went off great, once again and it was great seeing past and present members coming out to honor those who died that day.  I especially enjoyed seeing Chuck Kramer, many years retired now from Arlington Heights FD.; #PalatineFD; #funeral;; #PalatineFD; #funeral;; #PalatineFD; #firetruck; #Snorkel;; #PalatineFD; #firetruck; #Snorkel;; #PalatineFD; #funeral;; #PalatineFD; #funeral;; #PalatineFD; #funeral;; #PalatineFD; #funeral;; #PalatineFD; #funeral;