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Illinois Fire Service news

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Local police and fire departments who may have trouble with recruitment may be in luck if a bill in the Illinois House of Representatives gets enough support from state lawmakers.

State Rep. Dave Vella (D-68) introduced a new bill that could add more police and fire personnel locally through a two-year program at community colleges like Rock Valley College. 

Currently, high schoolers can take a fire safety and public safety course during their senior year. The goal behind this bill is to get incoming college freshmen who want to work in the police or fire department to obtain an associateā€™s degree through a two-year course at a community college. That way after graduation they can have the ability to become a police officer or firefighter.

In order to become a police officer under the current Illinois law, you must go through the Illinois Training Standards Board. Getting this type of training into local community colleges will provide a two-year course instead of a 12-week course, which could lead to better training and more hands-on experience before they enter the workforce.

Since most people who graduate from a community college are under 21 years old, Vella plans to have some sort of apprenticeship program with local police departments until new recruits can get a FOID card at age 21.

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Working fire in Chicago, 3-6-23

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A massive fire broke out on Chicago’s South Side on Monday night. Flames engulfed a home in the Back of the Yards neighborhood’s 5100 block of South Union Avenue, causing it to collapse.

It is not yet clear if anyone was hurt in the fire. The Chicago Fire Department said no searches were conducted due to the collapse.



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Working fire in Chicago, 3-6-23

This from Chi-Town Fire Photos:

Yesterday on my way back from Indy, CFD Engine 82 reported a working fire over the radio at 821 E 90th Place, which is 1/2 block from their firehouse. I had just passed 95th street on the Ryan, so I made it in good time. They had heavy fire showing from the basement of a two-story split level house. E82 & E122 both lead out lines while Truck 42 cut numerous holes in the roof. I got some great shots of the fire, and the full gallery is on our site; #ChicagoFD; #housefire; #flames; #smoke; #Chi-Town Fire Photos;

Chi-Town Fire Photos; #ChicagoFD; #housefire; #flames; #smoke; #Chi-Town Fire Photos;

Chi-Town Fire Photos; #ChicagoFD; #housefire; #flames; #smoke; #Chi-Town Fire Photos;

Chi-Town Fire Photos

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