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Fire Service News … Advanced Practice Providers working with paramedics

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Scott Perryman, a battalion chief with the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District and also a paramedic, put himself through physician assistant school at Stanford. When he went back out into the field, there were a lot of issues he saw as a paramedic that could be treated in the field to prevent a trip to the emergency room.

A lot of 9-1-1 calls were for something as simple as medication, so he decided to pilot a program in Sacramento where Advanced Practice Providers (physician assistants or nurse practitioners) accompany paramedics.

“The beauty of that is it saves the patient from going into the emergency room and spending resources there,” Perryman said. “And saves the hospital because they’re not taking patients that don’t need to be there. So now they can focus on the patients that truly need to be there.”

These APPs can educate patients and prescribe medications, bringing direct and definitive care.

Three hospitals — Sutter Health, Dignity Health and UC Davis — gave $1.1 million to fund the pilot program which is already saving patients, hospitals, and insurance companies money.

“We saw those high utilizers of 9-1-1. We decreased their 9-1-1 use by 55%, saving the system over $350,000 in just a three-month period,” he said.

One area of impact is psychiatric emergencies. “A lot of the time, they have to go the emergency room to be medically cleared before they can go in a psychiatric facility,” Perryman said. “We’re able to do that medical clearance in the field.”

This would get patients the correct care they need the first time to free up paramedics for more critical patients.

Several municipalities in Southern California have instated this program. 

Perryman is now turning to insurance companies to step up funding for the program. He said research from the year-long program is about to be released that will prove it is effective and economical. 

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New truck for Huntley FPD (more)

From Huntley Fire Protection District Facebook yesterday morning:

This morning at Station 3 on Regency Parkway, a ceremony was held to place Tower 981 into service. 
Thank you to our Board of Trustees and dignitaries for attending today’s ceremony. A special thank you to Father Jerome for his blessings.
We also appreciate our members for their countless hours of training and their commitment to excellence in the preparation of Tower 981 to be placed in service. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.; #firetruck; #Pierce; #HuntleyFPD;

Huntley FPD photo; #firetruck; #Pierce; #HuntleyFPD;

Huntley FPD photo; #firetruck; #Pierce; #HuntleyFPD;

Huntley FPD photo

thanks Martin

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Grant Park FPD history

This from Mike Summa for#TBT;

For #TBT -The Grant Park FPD’s Engine 115, a 2000 Alfco Eagle 1250-500.

Mike Summa

Mike Summa photo

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Evanston Fire Department enws

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The Evanston Parks and Recreation director announced in October that the lifeguard program would move departments, pending city approval of a new fire department lifeguard supervisor position with oversight of their training. The department proposed the new position to the city council as part of the lifeguard budget and is awaiting approval. 

The merging of the lifeguard program with the fire department has been a point of discussion since late summer. Evanston will be the first municipality in Illinois to move its lakefront program to the fire department, though many west coast cities like San Diego established this pairing long ago. 

The change is one of many that has followed reports in summer 2021 of sexual harassment and a hostile work environment among lakefront staff.  Supervision by the fire department will help create a better work environment the lifeguards. 

Recent summers have also hampered recruitment of new lifeguard staff.  Hopefully the switch will provide more career-building opportunities for young lifeguards and therefore help with recruitment. 

The fire department also plans to create their own curriculum for their lifeguard certification. The lakefront management currently certifies the lifeguards through the United States Lifesaving Association, but the fire department plans to use the American Red Cross curriculum instead and include more Evanston lakefront-specific training.

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