From the Merrionette Park Fire Department Facebook page:

For Immediate Release

May 20, 2021

The Merrionette Park Fire Department is pleased announce on May 20, 2021 at 7:00am, we upgraded our ambulance to Advanced Life Support. We will now have certified paramedics on shift twenty-four hours a day. This was a collaborative effort to enhance our services to the residents. I would like to thank Mayor Jose Nevarez and the Village Board of Trustees for their support of this program.

The Merrionette Park Fire Department started providing fire-based emergency medical services at a basic life support level in 1967 under Fire Chief Fred Eggert. In the last fifty-four years the Merrionette Park Fire Department has saved countless lives under the Basic Life Support System. Moving forward we will now be able to manage patients using advanced cardiac and respiratory techniques. We will also be able to administrate life saving medication and more efficiently manage the overall care of the patient. We look forward to serving our residents and neighbors with this new upgraded service.

Thomas J. Wendt
Fire Chief
Village of Merrionette Park

Merrionette Park Fire Department

Merrionette Park FD photo

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