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Fatal fire in River Grove, 1-8-21 (more)

From Steve Redick Fatal fire in River Grove, 1-8-21



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Of interest … Firefighter owner/operator

Firefighter themed Mack Bulldog ornament

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A 19-year-old owner/operator, Dylan Mercier is waiting to get his unique Mack Vision tractor and accompanying grain trailer out on the road. He is a firefighter in  St. Anne, IL and purchased a 2005 truck with his dad a little over a year ago. 

“I purchased a firefighter costume for the Mack bulldog on the hood, and after that, I knew what needed to be done,” Mercier said.

The rig has numerous aftermarket accessories and the truck and grain trailer are wrapped in a vinyl visual that pays tribute to fallen firefighters.

“As a firefighter, I drive this truck with pride and joy,” Mercier said. “The insurance for hauling with for-hire authority was too high for us to make any money because I’m under 21,” Mercier said. “For now, the truck is a show/parade truck until I can get reasonable insurance.”

Dylan Mercier owner/operator with Firefighter themed truck and trailer

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