Dear CFD Engine 94 Team,
I first would like to thank you for your important work in being on the frontlines during this COVID-19 Pandemic. 
I secondly, want to share with you a thought pertaining to the heartbreak the United States is experiencing in reaction to the murder of George Floyd. 
I am a Clinical Psychologist in Chicago and have experience working with both grief and trauma. What is occurring currently in Minnesota and other cities/states with the riots are responses to both, in addition to a traumatic history of racial oppression here in the United States. 
Those of us who are heartbroken over George Floyd’s murder, need to have this emotion acknowledged. By nature of how the trauma response works and how overwhelming grief can be, these protests need to be approached in a trauma-sensitive manner. I can go on at length about the nuances of this but I know you have busy lives. Here is a thought on how authorities like yourselves, the fire department, may approach any protests here in our city, in a trauma-sensitive manner:
What if yourselves, and any other figures of authority who come in to try and tame riots, wear the mottos of the protestors that are declaring the heartbreak for George and all of the other innocent lives taken wrongfully? 
What if you were to put a, “I can’t breathe.” sign on your uniform, your trucks? What if you were to put a “Black Lives Matter” and an “Again?” flag on your equipment? All ways to visually show: “We are with you in this hurt, heartbreak, anger and confusion, but we are here to help you calm down.”
This may help protesters feel less threatened. It may help protestors feel less like being tamed and quieted down by the authority, and bring about a more – We are with you, we are just here to redirect to help keep you all safe but know that, WE HEAR AND SEE YOU!” stance. 
I again thank you for your service and for considering my thoughts in advance. 
Kristen Friedman 
Kristen Friedman, PsyD
Fancher Psychology & Assessment, LLC
Chicago NorthShore Psychologists, Inc.