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Elgin Fire Department news

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Elgin Fire Chief Dave Schmidt will leave Jan. 3 after 30 years with the department and start Jan. 6 as chief of the Carrboro Fire Department in North Carolina .

Schmidt became a lieutenant in 2000, captain in 2005, and assistant chief of operations in 2011.

He is particularly proud of the changes in technology he helped implement. When he started, he was teaching firefighters what a personal computer was and how to use it. Now all Elgin fire vehicles are equipped with mobile computers and Wi-Fi hot spots. Cardiac monitors, for example, can send reports wirelessly to paramedics’ tablets for importation into reports rather than having to print out long strips of paper that would be taped to a piece of copy paper.

He is also proud of his 15 years of work with the department’s academy, which trained firefighters for Elgin and other cities.

Asked for an example of how he learned from a bad call, Schmidt recalled the April 2001 mass shooting at JB’s Pub, in which a man shot 18 people, killing two of them. His ambulance was the second on the scene and ended up taking the shooter to a hospital for treatment.

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New ambulance for West Chicago FPD

From the Foster Coach Sales website:

Horton Type I ambulance

Foster Coach Sales photos

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Evanston Fire Department news

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The Evanston Fire Department (EFD) and public health officials urged residents to learn about the state’s new smoke detector law, which requires residents to install an alarm with a 10-year sealed battery by 2022.

The EFD worked with the Illinois General Assembly to pass the law because of the number of deaths that occur in Illinois homes without smoke detectors. In 2018, 70 percent of the residential fire deaths were in homes without smoke detectors.

Evanston Fire Chief Brian Scott said that though the number of people killed in fires has decreased in the past, people are more likely to die in a residential fire than they were years ago. The majority of deaths are caused by smoke inhalation, which can be prevented by people escaping faster.

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New engine for Cary FPD

From the Legacy Fire Apparatus Facebook page:

Congratulations to the Cary Fire Protection District on the contract for your new pumper! Thank you for your continued trust in Sutphen and Legacy.

Cary FPD buys new fire engine

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