From Chicago Fire Media on Twitter:

2-11/EMS Plan 1 @ 4320 N Cicero, Now a 2-11. a 3 story occupied 1 civilian critical all companies working

fatal fire in a 3-story courtyard building in Chicago

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A man has died following an extra-alarm fire that started on the Northwest Side Saturday morning about 8:45 a.m. on the upper level of a large 3-story brick apartment building complex at 4820 West Hutchinson Street. Earlier, the fire department said the blaze, which was elevated to an extra-alarm, happened at 4320 N. Cicero Ave., but that was where several 911 calls came from.

One man was inside the apartment when the fire started. He was badly injured and later pronounced dead at Community First Medical Center.

This from Eric Haak:

Chicago fatal 2-11 apartment fire: At about ten minutes to 9:00 this morning, Chicago’s Main Fire Alarm Office gave a working fire response followed by a Still & Box Alarm to Hutchinson and Cicero. The fire was in a third floor apartment that was part of a 3-story, U-shaped courtyard building. The fire extended into the cockloft and was elevated to a 2-11. Shortly afterward the fire was brought under control. Unfortunately, there was a fatality with this incident.

smoke from courtyard building

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Chicago FD Engine 69

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Chicago FD Engine 108

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Chicago FD Battalion 9 Chief Frank Cambria

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Firefighter covered with insulation after overhauling a fire

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