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Peoria Fire Department news

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The quarterly financial report at Tuesday’s Peoria City Council meeting turned into a call for further cuts at city hall. City Manager Patrick Urich told council members that the city was in danger of not being able to put $2 million back into the city’s general fund, a move needed to ensure the city has the liquidity it needs to get good rates when it gets bonds in the future. Revenue wasn’t flowing in as the city expected in the first quarter.

The fire department, already down 10 positions, is burning through its overtime budget at a rapid rate. Fire Chief Ed Olehy told council members that the department has already used up 90 percent of what was allocated for overtime. Olehy outlined cutback plans that the department has under consideration. If all 10 slots were filled, it would take nine weeks to get them on the street. 

Urich said he plans to come back to the council at the June 26 meeting with a $3.5 million reduction plan — one that would enable the city to shift $1.5 million to the fire department and $2 million to the general fund.

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Lake Zurich Fire Department news

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Each year, Culver’s of Lake Zurich along with the Lake Zurich Fire Department and students at Isaac Fox School, help collect money for a special and unforgettable one-week camp experience for children and teenagers who have experienced injuries from burns. This year the group collected $1,631.30 for the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance.

Through the generosity of donors, supporters and volunteers, the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance offers this camping opportunity at no cost to campers, including lodging, meals, activities, and transportation to and from camp, YMCA Camp Duncan in Ingleside. Campers participate in a variety of adult-supervised, group, age-appropriate activities that provide fun and challenging opportunities for positive outcomes with other burn survivors.

The goal of Camp “I Am Me” is to provide a nonjudgmental atmosphere in which children and adolescents have the opportunity to build their self-esteem while establishing lifelong friendships and positive memories. The camp provides young burn survivors an opportunity to effectively talk to other survivors about their injuries to help them in their approach to life.

In addition to YMCA counselors, the camp is staffed by volunteers including many doctors, nurses, social workers, physical and occupational therapists, fire service personnel, teachers, and other professionals. They participates in various professional development and orientation sessions designed to prepare attendees to deal with the specific needs of burn survivors as well as to build a cohesive team. This large group of volunteers results in a nearly 1:1 counselor-to-camper ratio.

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As seen around … Chicago

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CFD ambulance hit by gun fire

CFD ambulance hit by gun fire

CFD ambulance hit by gun fire

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Chicago Fire Department news (more)

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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to build a new, $95 million police and fire academy hit a speed bump this week when aldermen delayed approval of using $20 million from the sale of city-owned land for part of the cost of the academy. The city council was scheduled to reconvene Friday to vote on the proposal, although a lawsuit was filed Thursday to try to delay the vote. The academy has had vocal critics since it was first announced last year, but Wednesday’s delay was the first time they’ve slowed the plan’s progress.

News of the proposal followed a critical report from the U.S. Department of Justice about police department tactics, citing out-of-date training procedures for recruits at the police academy. The center would include indoor and outdoor training spaces as well as offer more joint training opportunities, the city has said. And the academy will be named for slain Cmdr. Paul Bauer, who was shot in the line of duty in February.

Emanuel and his supporters say the new public safety training center is a necessary replacement for separate police and fire academies, both more than 40 years old, so that up-to-date training can be offered in a modern facility. But it has also been viewed as a response to the spotlight on police misconduct.

At the same time, there have been too few investments on the West Side for far too long, supporters say. And the academy could help offset that inequity. The new campus is set to be built on 30 acres in West Garfield Park.

There’s been strong support for the training center among aldermen . An earlier purchase of land for the academy passed the council 48-1, approving paying $10 million for 30 acres of vacant land.

The lingering question is how the city will pay for the project. In addition to the $10 million for the land, Emanuel is planning to use $20 million from the sale of land near Goose Island — the subject of Friday’s scheduled vote — and an additonal $5 million from the sale of a River North firehouse. The mayor hopes to get at least $23 million from selling other police and fire training buildings. That means there’s still about $37 million needed.

Despite Emanuel’s plans for the academy, some Chicago cops think the mayor has turned his back on them. More than 100 off-duty officers marched at city hall during Wednesday’s council meeting and called for Emanuel’s removal from office. Some officers think the mayor’s endorsement of a federal consent decree overseeing police reform means he’s cast their interests aside. The mayor has also not yet agreed to a new contract — almost a year after the union’s last one expired.

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Of interest … Firefighter saves couple from carjacking

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Around 10 a.m. Thursday, Cicero Firefighter Joey Matthews was on the engine with his co-workers when he saw an elderly couple being carjacked.  “I jumped out of the rig and started running towards the car,” he said. “And as soon as I did the gentleman jumped out of the car and started booking for the alley.”

Matthews says he saw smoke and smelled gun powder.  He believes the suspect could have fired a round as the engine pulled up. The suspect ran through yards and Matthews lost sight of him.

When he was 4-years-old, his dad, Chicago Police Officer John Matthews was killed in the line of duty.  He was beaten to death by a mob in the Hegwisch neighborhood on the Southeast Side. He said his dad would “think I was an idiot for chasing a guy with a gun while I’m not armed.”

Cicero police responded quickly but the suspect got away. The couple was not hurt and Matthews is thankful they did not lose their car.

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