Excerpts from the OakLawnLeaf.com:

Last year, the Village of Oak Lawn received public accolades for accepting a SAFER Grant to hire additional firefighters. Well, it turns out that the village administration’s acceptance was conditioned on the fire department members’ union, Local 3405, agreeing to a reduction in the minimum manning numbers that have been, and continue to be, the biggest disagreement since Governor Rauner met Speaker Madigan.  In any case, the village has notified the union that since there was no agreement, the village has cancelled the acceptance of the $1,347,000 federal grant. The union, which stayed out of the last municipal election because it didn’t want things to get worse if the mayor won, has recently filed another unfair labor practice against the village. One former firefighter told us, “There have been so many (Unfair Labor Practice complaints), we’ve lost count.”  The anti-union actions haven’t hurt the board politically so don’t expect any change in rhetoric or action.

thanks Dan