Excerpts from mysuburbanlife.com:

Having been certified in CPR for a few years, 18-year-old Chris Psenicka, who is in the Emergency Medical Technician program at the Technology Center of DuPage, jumped into action Dec. 1 after seeing a jogger collapsed on the sidewalk. He performed chest compressions and rescue breaths on the woman until paramedics arrived.

He assessed the victim and began CPR when he didn’t detect a pulse. He was able to perform chest compressions until her pulse came back, stopping only when the paramedics arrived. The victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. 

Psenicka, who is also in the explorer program with the Broadview Fire Department, hopes to become a firefighter after graduating from high school. His mother is a firefighter and paramedic and his father is a retired lieutenant with the La Grange Park Fire Deptartment.

thanks Dan