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Rockford Fire Department news

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The Rockford Fire Department says Station 1 is just one of several that has been around for decades. 

“Some of the buildings are from the ’20s and goes through the ’50s and ’60s,” Rockford Fire Chief Derek Bergsten says.  

From old air conditioning systems to a leaking roof and a water system that seems to back up, the department says it’s time for some of these facilities to get a face lift.  One of the key improvements it wants to make is revamping it’s layout to make sure the station is all on one level.

But, the City of Rockford says it’s facing a $10.2 million shortfall without any capitol improvements like the fire department needs. However, Mayor Tom McNamara says updating some Rockford Fire stations isn’t off the table.  A proposal with capitol improvements would cost the city an extra $2 million next year alone. 

At the end of the day, RFD says it’s all about providing their crews a suitable environment to work in. 

The city has until March 31 to approve a budget.  

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Of interest … Evanston Fire Department

Excerpts from the Chicago

Evanston firefighters told stories of how they got into the profession and, for some, what they miss the most from their earlier firefighting days, all as they sipped coffee Thursday with residents.

“I went to school for fine arts, painting,” said Howie Lakin, an EFD fire apparatus operator.

Firefighting requires him to keep both his mind and body in shape, he said, and gives him time to practice art on the side.

The staff of Engine 23 joined with Evanston’s past and present fire chiefs for the “Coffee with a Firefighter” community socializing event at Berry Pike Cafe in downtown Evanston. A few residents sat down for conversation, asking things like what was so attractive about working as a firefighter.

Captain Tony Yee said he first worked as a hospital emergency room nurse before he gave firefighting a shot.

“I went to my first fire academy and thought, ‘hey, this is fun,'” Yee recalled.

Firefighter Luke Holthaus recalled that when he was growing up in Glenview, his neighbor two doors down was a fireman.

And Fire Chief Brian Scott said he comes from a family of police officers and iron workers, but decided to be a firefighter after an uncle, the only other firefighter in the family, took him for a ride in an engine when Scott was 14.

“I was hooked,” said Scott, who added that as chief, he misses riding on the engine every day.

The Evanston Fired Department has a current staff of 110, a head count that has “been the same for the past 30 years,” said former police Chief Greg Klaiber. He now works as director of emergency management for Northwestern University.


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Huntley Fire Protection Districtnews (more)

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Trustees of the Huntley Fire Protection District Board approved the promotion of acting Chief Scott Ravagnie to chief at a special meeting Thursday night after the resignation of former Chief Ken Caudle.

Ravagnie has worked for the district since 1992, moving up the ranks over the years. He grew up in Huntley and has lived there since 1986. A promotional ceremony will be held for Ravagnie at the board’s next scheduled meeting, 5:30 p.m. Nov. 28.

Moving past an ongoing investigation into Caudle is one of Ravagnie’s goals for the district. He also hopes to find a new location for the district’s main station and will be looking at response times.

Caudle continues to earn a salary of $119,240 while on leave. The Huntley Fire Protection District is conducting an ongoing investigation into something officials won’t talk about. He submitted a letter of resignation to the board Aug. 11, returned to his last commissioned rank of battalion chief, and was placed on administrative leave.

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