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Rolling Meadows Fire Department news

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In the aftermath of 36 deaths during a fire in a warehouse building in Oakland, CA, Rolling Meadows Fire Chief Scott Franzgrote urged residents, businesses and visitors to report any building or venue that seems to appear dangerous to the city in an effort to prevent another tragedy.

Franzgrote said the Oakland tragedy shares a common set of contributing factors which include overcrowding; lack of adequate means of egress; inadequate fire suppression, and a significant amount of combustible products within the structure.

The chief said if someone discovers a venue that appears overcrowded, has exits blocked, or appears to be a fire trap, to stay out of it and notify the local authorities so the venue can be evaluated by professionals trained in fire code enforcement.

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East Peoria Fire Department news

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It’s hard to find evidence, when most of it is burnt to a crisp, but an investigator with the East Peoria Fire Department persevered, solving an open case from 2012 and receiving the State Arson Award on Tuesday.

It was in 2012 that a fire was set at a couple’s home in East Peoria. After the fire was out, Eric Duckworth worked to determine it was arson.

An investigation was launched and a suspect named Steven Gill was found. Duckworth testified for two hours in front of a grand jury and Gill received a 12-year sentence in Aug. of last year.

Duckworth said they don’t always have this kind of a clear-cut victory.

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Chicago Fire Department news

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At Advocate Illinois Masonic Hospital, members of the Chicago Fire Department’s 12th Battalion gathered hundreds of gifts for the children who can’t go home this holiday season.

“We don’t bring ten toys, we bring a thousand toys because we stockpile them for the whole year,” said Firefighter Rich Pinkney.

This is the fifteenth year that firefighters from the 12th Battalion, Second District, have been collecting and distributing gifts to children at local hospitals for the holidays.

In this instance, the act of giving is a gift itself, but none are more uplifted by the gesture than the families who benefit from the generosity of others.

The doctors and nurses here know how much the gifts are appreciated and how they serve as a reminder everyone should be given the opportunity to enjoy this special time of year.

Advocate Illinois Masonic is the first of four hospitals to get deliveries this holiday season. Children will be receiving gifts over the next couple of days at Lurie and Comer Children’s Hospitals and Rush University Medical Center.

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CFD LODD Anniversary – Chicago Stockyards Fire

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The Union Stockyard fire on Dec. 22, 1910, claimed the lives of 21 Chicago firemen. A six-story brick wall collapsed on the men as flames fed by grease — a natural byproduct of animal slaughter — swept through the building.

Chicago Fire Department Commissioner Jose Santiago spoke at the memorial service Thursday that took place near the corner of Exchange and Halsted.

A nearby statue depicts firefighters battling the 1910 blaze. Etched on the base of the statue are the names of all firefighters who were killed in the line of duty.

Santiago emphasized that, as it was in 1910, when the fire hydrants froze the night of the fire, winter is a dangerous time to be a firefighter.

Among those who died beneath tons of collapsed brick on that fateful day in 1910 were Captain Dennis Doyle and his son, Truckman Nicholas Doyle. Their deaths came to the attention of Kevin Doyle only after a friend stumbled upon their names on the internet and shared the information.

Kevin confirmed it: His great-great grandfather was Dennis Doyle, who died alongside his son and fellow fireman, Nicholas. His other son, Edward, also a fireman, was at the scene, too, and for 36 straight hours he pulled bricks from the pile of rubble to locate his father and brother.

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