Dear sir,

I am a Korean, living in Daejeon city, Korea. 

I would like to ask to help.

I am looking for a firefighter of Chicago, 

Mr. Pae, Korean-American, about 35~39 years old. 

and want to know his phone no or his email address.

I forgot his name except family name. 

He has a younger brother and a younger sister who is a teacher for a primary school. 

I have heard he was still single until spring of last year from his father.

Actually, I want to contact with my friend, his father, Mr. James Pae who was a CEO of “A-One Plumbing Contractor”.

I did not contact from spring of last year, All of his phone no. was changed. I miss him very much.

Today, I’ve got a email from a clerk of “St. Andrew Kim Parish” of Chicago.
That email said that No-phone no. of Mr. James Pae, but he left Chicago with his wife, because of Cancer of his wife. 

I am worrying very much.

Please Help me to find a firefighter, Mr. Pae.


Hyunkie Je

** His parents on the Photo.