This from Karl Klotz:

Peotone put the new Engine 14 in service on 8-22-16.

It is a 2015 Smeal/UST 1,500-GPM and carries 2,500 gallons of water.  This engine replaces the 1995 Pierce Saber and the 1988 Mack/SPI tanker.
Peotone FPD Engine 14

Peotone FPD Engine 14, 2015 Spartan/Smeal/UST 1500/2500. Karl Klotz photo

Peotone FPD Engine 14

Former Peotone FPD Engine 14, a 1995 Pierce Saber. Karl Klotz photo

Peotone FD Tanker 14 1988 R-Model Mack/SPI

Peotone Tanker 14, a 1988 Mack R-Model/SPI has been replaced. Karl Klotz photo