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Chicago Fire Department news

Excerpts from the

Four firefighters were burned in a backdraft that erupted during a blaze Sunday afternoon in the 4900 block of West Potomac Avenue in the city’s Austin neighborhood on the West Side. They were taken to Stroger Hospital, where their conditions have stabilized, according to the fire department.

The four firefighters suffered first and second-degree burns after flames suddenly intensified, forcing some to jump from a second-story window.

Chicago Fire Department Commissioner Jose Santiago said firefighters tracked the source of the fire near a kitchen on the second floor. As they entered into that area, the heat and size of the fire surged forcing them to retreat.

“As the firefighters make entry, you may have a fire just sitting there, and the only thing it’s lacking is oxygen,” he said. “In order for firefighters to get in there, they’re going to open doors, and it will start feeding that fire. Sometimes, it’s like an explosion. They’re engulfed in fire. They all had their masks on. That’s why they’re alive right now,” Santiago said.

Santiago said some firefighters had trouble with their water supply as they were inside the building. It was not clear what caused the issue, but Santiago said that and the cause of the fire are under investigation.

“Anything can happen. A hose kinks, a hose can get stuck underneath a door,” he said. “They’ll take a look at all that and try to figure out why they had the problem.”

A mayday was called when the backdraft occurred as firefighters were searching for victims and putting out the fire on the second floor. An EMS Plan I, sending six ambulances to the scene, was also initiated.

The first calls of the blaze came in at 12:04 p.m., and the first responding firefighters got there at 12:08 p.m. The mayday was called at 12:20 p.m.

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Vintage area photos from E-ONE

As seen on the E-ONE Facebook page:

#ThrowBackThursday is an #aerial#platform from Roselle, IL from the E-ONE calendar back in 2001.

Roselle Fire Department apparatus

Roselle Fire Department featured on the 2001 E-ONE calendar. Larry Shapiro photo


Today’s #ThrowbackThursday takes us to #1998 with this custom pumper built for #Northfield Fire Rescue of Northfield, #Illinois

Northfield Fire Rescue Department fire engine

Northfield Fire Department featured on the 1998 E-ONE calendar. Larry Shapiro photo


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As seen around … Berwyn

This from Josh Boyajian:

Berwyn’s new and old Engines 902 in quarters as they transfer equipment

Berwyn FD new and old Engine 902 in quarters

Berwyn FD new and old Engine 902 in quarters. Josh Boyajian photo

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Working fire in Chicago, 7/311/16

This from Eric Haak:

At 4:45 Sunday afternoon (7/31), I followed Engine 65 and Truck 52 down Archer Avenue to this working fire at 36th and Rockwell.  They knocked it down from the back door and then went inside and mopped it up.  The fire appeared to be contained to the back porches and was essentially out in a few minutes.  Engine 65 was in the spare rig and Engine 39 dropped a second line through the front door.
heavy smoke from house fire

Eric Haak photo

Chicago FD spare engine at fire scene

Eric Haak photo

aftermath of house fire

Eric Haak photo

aftermath of house fire

Eric Haak photo

Chicago FD Engine 39

Eric Haak photo

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