Excerpts from the Journal-Topics.com:

6-year-old Noah Ury, his twin brother and parents attended Tuesday’s (Oct. 27) Elk Grove Village board meeting. Had it not been for the quick actions of an off-duty Bensenville firefighter, Noah might not have been able to attend.

Awarding Bensenville firefighter Robert Locascio the Chief’s Lifesaving Award, an emotional Elk Grove Fire Chief Richard Mikel recounted the events of Thursday, Aug. 13.

Mikel said Locascio saw what he initially thought was an article of clothing floating in the Rainbow Falls pool, but realized it was a young boy. He pulled Noah’s limp body from the water, found there were no vital signs and began working to successfully revive him as Elk Grove firefighters and paramedics arrived at the scene to assist.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Mikel helped Noah stand on a chair to reach the podium’s microphone to read a letter he wrote to Locascio. “Dear Mr. firefighter thank you for saving me at Rainbow Falls, Noah Ury, age 6,” Noah said.

Locascio thanked Noah, his family and fellow firefighters for attending the award presentation.

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