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911 Dispatch Center in Gary mishandles call

Excerpts from where the audio recording is available:

A 911 dispatcher has been disciplined for her handling of an emergency call at a health club in Gary, Ind. The gym patron who needed help survived, but he’s worried there’s a larger issue when you call 911 in Lake County.

“I was just passed out,” said Clement Ervin last month. His friend called 911, explained his condition, and got this response from the dispatcher.

Dispatcher: “Okay, we’re kind of short on medics so it’s going to be a minute.”
Caller: “You said who?”
Dispatcher: “We don’t have any medics and it’s going to be a minute.”
Caller: “Okay, let me take him to the hospital.”

The Lake County dispatcher offered no additional help. Her boss says that was the error.

“Being a dispatcher, myself included, you don’t tell someone you don’t have resources, you contact the agency and tell them your problem, then they’re the ones that guide the resources,” said Brian Hitchcock, executive director, Lake County 911 Department.

And since an ambulance was not available, Gary officials said firefighters right across the street from the gym could have responded. But the Lake County dispatcher never transferred the call to them.

“The call did not officially go through the Gary dispatch. And because of that, a unit was not sent,” said LaLosa Dent Burns, Gary spokeswoman.

In June, Burt Sanders died of a heart attack inside a Gary church after his 911 call was mishandled. Lake County fired a dispatcher and suspended another one. That’s why Ervin, who wants to raise awareness, is now speaking out about his experience.

The executive director of the 911 department said a new, state-of-the-art dispatch center will open next month, and all the dispatchers will be trained under a national standard.

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2015 Chicagoland Emergency Vehicle Show

This from Asher Heimermann :

The 18th annual Chicagoland Emergency Vehicle Show was held in Downtown Aurora this weekend.

On Friday evening, the Lights and Sirens Procession was expanded to a 13 mile-long route, traveling through the communities of North Aurora, Aurora, and Montgomery. Afterwards, many of the vehicles in the procession were on display at the Aurora Regional Fire Museum.

On Saturday, many current and vintage emergency vehicles were on display throughout four parking lots near the museum. The Aurora Fire Department held two extrication demonstrations, the Aurora Police Special Response Team showed their tactical entry of a mobile office trailer and LIFESTAR made an appearance.

fire department extrication demonstration

Asher Heimermann photo

Vintage Chicago FD Dodge Monaco

Asher Heimermann photo

antique Chicago FD Cadillac ambulance

Asher Heimermann photo

This from Steve Redick:

Had a great time at the show. Thighlight for me was to finally see the Ambo 8 replica and the Naperville Fox. Here is an assortment of images and they can all be seen here:


classic vintage Chicago PD Ford sedan

Steve Redick photo

restores American LaFrance Century fire engine

Steve Redick photo

Backdraft Chicago FD Ward LaFrance fire engine

Steve Redick photo

classic antique Maxim fire engine

Steve Redick photo

antique Chicago FD Cadillac ambulance

Steve Redick photo

classic antique American LaFrance fire engine

Steve Redick photo

antique Ahrens Fox fire engine

Steve Redick photo

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New engine for the Palos FPD

This from Josh Boyajian:

Here is a shot of Palos’ new engine @ Global. It’s on a new Saber chassis.


New Pierce Saber engine for the Palos FPD

New Pierce Saber engine for the Palos FPD. Josh Boyajian photo

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