Excerpts from FoxIllinois.com:

The Rantoul Fire Department donated one of its oldest fire trucks to the local Pink Heals chapter. The newly-formed central Illinois chapter had just a squad car, but not a truck. … the mayor recently handed over the yellow truck’s title. The old school ride joined the department in 1978. It was one of their first yellow trucks, and the very last one to leave.

Rantoul Firefighters [said] the moment was bittersweet. But its donation was very worthwhile.

“I started on the fire department in 1980 so this truck here was just like a year and a half old, when I first started. So, I kind of grew up on this truck and you know, it was the first truck, one of the first trucks that I ever operated. But it’s certainly going to a good cause, and we’re happy to donate the truck for sure,” Assistant Chief Kevin Kaiser said.

Now, it’s time to paint the truck pink. Pink Heals volunteers say it’ll take four to five gallons — at $1,300 per gallon. They’re currently looking for donations. Once complete, they say the truck will travel almost anywhere in Central Illinois – from Kankakee to Tuscola, and from Indiana to Decatur.

yellow fire truck to go pink

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