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Franklin Park ffs go to arbitration

Excerpts from the

Franklin Park’s firefighters’ union is turning to arbitration to hash out a new contract with the village more than a year after the firefighters’ last deal expired.

“For the last 50 years, we have been able to sit down and work things out to avoid ever going to the last resort,” said Douglas Halverson, president of the International Association of Firefighters Franklin Park Local 1526. “Tens of thousands have already been spent negotiating and that number will double by the end of arbitration.”

Halverson made his comments to the Franklin Park Village Board during the public comment section of the board’s meeting Monday evening. Arbitration over the contract was scheduled to begin Wednesday, July 15.The contract isn’t the only issue the firefighters’ union wants to go to arbitration over — Halverson says they also want to take up a number of grievances at another set of hearings. Those include going two years without raises, the closing of a fire station, having union members staff an ambulance at a lesser wage, and the village not hiring additional firefighters to bring the department to full capacity.

“When you sit down in executive session, have you asked, ‘Why so many grievances now?’ Have you asked why we filed an unfair labor practice?” he said to the board. “Have you asked, ‘How we can avoid arbitration?’ This union only put ink to paper after failed attempts to resolve these issues.”

According to documents obtained by the Franklin Park Herald-Journal, the most recent agreement with the union lasted from May 1, 2012, until April 30, 2014. Negotiations between the village and the firefighters’ union began months before the expiration of that agreement and have continued into this year.

Halverson went on to say the reason the union agreed to concessions, like staffing the ambulance at a lesser wage and trying to “do more with less,” was that the village said it was in a deficit five years ago and the union was under the impression that, once the most recent contract expired, the village would fund the department better.

“For the first time in my career, we staff a ladder truck with two firefighters. This is unsafe,” said Halverson.

Franklin Park officials believe they’ve offered the union a fair deal, according to an emailed statement from the village’s attorney.

“The village has negotiated with the fire department’s union in good faith and has strived to accommodate many of the issues raised by the union’s leadership … the village believes the compensation package offered to the union’s leadership is fair and equitable and will continue to work toward a reasonable resolution of the union’s salary and other financial demands.”

Unlike litigation, arbitration takes place out of court. The two sides choose an impartial third party, an arbitrator, to oversee a hearing where each side presents evidence and testimony. The union and the village will split the cost of the arbitrator’s services, according to the most recent union contract. The arbitrator will then submit a ruling on the conflict within 30 days of the hearings and the decision will be final and binding to all parties.

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New engine for Morton Grove

It has a 1,500-GPM midship pump will replace Eng 4R a 1978 E-One/Pierce

new fire engine for the Morton Grove Fire Department

Morton Grove Engine 5 – on a Spartan chassis with the Smeal Sirius chassis. Smeal photo

thanks Hunter and Ron

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2015 Chicagoland Emergency Vehicle Show

The Chicagoland Emergency Vehicle Show is one of the Midwest’s largest public emergency vehicle shows with over one hundred fire engines, police cars, ambulances, and emergency vehicles participating throughout the weekend. Generous participation is provided by over fifty local fire, police, and public safety agencies, allowing the public to safely witness amazing real-life situations. Demonstrations include vehicle crashes with hazardous materials needing heavy duty extrication and medevac helicopter response, and S.W.A.T. team high-risk entry maneuvers. Children’s activities, fire truck rides, water fights, and safety displays. In keeping with our public safety theme, vendors will also offer police and firefighting related memorabilia and collectibles.

New Location in Downtown Aurora!

The 18th Annual Chicagoland Emergency Vehicle Show is pleased to be moving to a new location in downtown Aurora adjacent to the Aurora Regional Fire Museum. The show will be held on several streets and parking lots adjacent to the museum and Aurora’s central fire station.

The new location makes the show more visible to the public, will enable fire apparatus to draft out of the Fox River, and allows an expanded demonstration area and schedule.  The day will feature static displays of new and vintage emergency vehicles, live demonstrations of rescue operations, safety displays, children’s activities, and more.

Emergency Vehicle Registration

Pre-registration is always encouraged for faster check-in and staging, but this year, there will be no fee for private collectors who wish to register on-site the day-of-show. Registration and vehicle staging begins at 8am. All vehicles are asked to arrive and be staged before the show opens to the public at 10am.

Flea Market Vendor Spaces

A large, level parking-lot behind the museum with access to electricity and water is designated for flea market and food venders. The Aurora Fire Department and Aurora Regional Fire Museum will be open for visitors.

  • Vendor spaces are outdoors, on blacktop
  • Vendors must provide their own tables
  • Vehicles and tables must fit in the space(s) purchased
  • Each “space” is the size of a single parking stall (approx. 9ft x 18ft)
  • Spaces are $30each, electricity is avaliable for an additional fee.