This from Scott Matthews:

I am not sure if you guys know our new radio identification numbers. So here is a list of the changes.
Station 51
Engine 531 is now Engine 51
Tanker 537 is now Tender 51
Ambulance 534 is now Ambulance 51
Squad 537 is now Squad 51
Brush Truck 538 is now Brush 51
Chief 500 is now Chief 51
Chief 501 is now Chief 52
Station 52
Engine 532 is now Engine 52
Truck 529 is now Truck 52
Ambulance 524 is now Ambulance 52
Reserve Ambulance 535 is now Ambulance 53
Station 53
Tanker 517 is now Tender 53
Arson Buggy 518 is now Utility 53
  • Since January 1, 2013 when we had to lower manpower for financial reasons Truck 52 runs out of station 51. Reserve Engine 52 was moved to station 52 and is the first out Engine at that station. Do to limited space with having the truck at station 51, the squad was moved to station 52. Reserve Ambulance 53 is also housed at station 52.
  • Also, our 2012 Ambulance 534 was renumbered to Ambulance 51 to match our new call numbers after it went in for warranty paint work.
  • Here is a picture of our new brush truck. It is a 2015 Ford F350 Super Duty extended cab. It will also have a Darley Fast attack skid unit with a 300-gallon water tank, and 10-gallon foam tank along with a 100′ 1″ booster reel. It will also serve as our plow truck during the winter. I will send more pictures to you after the attack unit is put on it.


fire department pickup truck

New unit for East Joliet FPD Brush 51. Scott Matthews photo