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Report shows many firefighters suffer from sleep disorders

An article at discusses research into sleep disorders among firefighters:

Almost 40% of firefighters suffer from at least one sleep disorder

Sleep problems could be a major factor in explaining why more than 60 percent of firefighter deaths are caused by heart attacks and traffic accidents, a new study published in The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine has found.

Researchers sampled almost 7,000 firefighters across the U.S. and examined how many tested positive for sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, shift-work disorder and restless leg syndrome, the New York Times reports. They found that 37 percent of firefighters suffered from at least one type of sleep disorder.

“Our findings demonstrate the impact of common sleep disorders on firefighter health and safety, and their connection to the two leading causes of death among firefighters,” said lead author Laura K. Barger. “Unfortunately, more than 80% of firefighters who screened positive for a common sleep disorder were undiagnosed and untreated.”

Barber’s team found that when compared with those who had a good night’s sleep, firefighters who had a sleep disorder were more likely to crash their car or fall asleep at the wheel. They are also more likely to report serious health problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression and anxiety.

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As seen around …

This from Martin Nowak:

Northwest Homer FPD Ambulance 1714 – 2014 Ford F-350/Horton.

Hazel Crest  – Ambulance 1230 – 2014 Mercedes Sprinter/Medix Specialty
North Palos Ambulance 822 – 2014 Chevy Express 4500/2003 Osage.
Type I ambulance

Northwest Homer FPD ambulance. Martin Nowak photo

Sprinter ambulance

Hazel Crest ambulance. Martin Nowak photo

Type III ambulance

North Palos ambulance. Martin Nowak photo

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Chicago working fire 11-19-14

This from Josh Boyajian:

Wednesday, we were going to get a shot of the new buggy for Battalion 9. When we were by Engine 110, they put out a still alarm @ 6048 n Francisco. Engine 89 had nothing showing on arrival. When companies made entry, they found an apartment on the 1st floor with heavy smoke filling the stairwell. Engine 89 lead out a line while Truck 56 made the roof. They made a quick knock of a dryer fire. Here are some shots including the new buggy.

smoke from apartment building

Josh Boyajian photo

firefighters raise ground ladder

Josh Boyajian photo

Chicago FD Engine 89

Josh Boyajian photo

Chicago FD Truck 47

Josh Boyajian photo

Diamond Diamonds on fire truck in Chicago

Josh Boyajian photo

Chicago FD Battalion 9

Josh Boyajian photo

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