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Glenview fire chief to retire

The Glenview Announcements has an article about the upcoming retirement Glenview Fire Chief Wayne Globerger:

Glenview Fire Chief Wayne Globerger doesn’t deny most firefighters like him get an adrenaline rush from running into burning buildings. And he’s seen his share of accidents and misfortune — floods, car wrecks, plane crashes and tornadoes.

Still, nothing compares to his two weeks in New Orleans and St. Bernard Parish, where in August 2005 the deadly Hurricane Katrina killed more than 1,800. Globerger managed an emergency aid team of 100, finding 145 bodies and rescuing 12.

On Dec. 19, Globerger will retire after 27 years with Glenview Fire Department, eight as chief. He wants to care for his wife, Claudia, who has multiple sclerosis, and live in the country and raise alpachas, which look similar to llamas.

“It’s time to put her first. I’ve been playing fireman all these years. Claudia had to quit work and it’s a daily struggle. We’re moving to the Kentucky/Tennessee border,” he said.

Globerger’s brother and son are firefighters, and as a youth he signed up for a cadet program at Knollwood Fire Department. “I was only 15 years old and you had to be 16. I lied to get it. I knew what I wanted to become.”

Globerger, 51, oversees 81 employees and five fire stations. In citing current challenges, Globerger said Glenview’s senior population is increasing and put demands on village emergency medical services. This year his department had 10 percent more medical calls.

Deputy Chief Ralph Ensign has been named the new Glenview fire chief.

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North Maine FPD working fire, 11-6-14

Images from Tim Olk of a fire scene at 9705 Bianco Terrace in unincorporated DesPlaines on Thursday night (11-6-14).

firemen on balcony with hose at night with mansard roof

Tim Olk photo

fire truck t night fire scene

Tim Olk photo

firemen on balcony with hose at night with mansard roof

Tim Olk photo

firemen on balcony with hose at night with mansard roof

Tim Olk photo

firemen on balcony with hose at night with mansard roof

Tim Olk photo

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Patient bites CFD paramedic

The Chicago Tribune has an article about a patient biting a CFD paramedic – but according to the headline … you want to ask … “he bit her where?” (It appears that nobody proof reads like they used to)

Man bites paramedic in the Loop (ouch)

Two Chicago Fire Department [paramedics] were hospitalized early Thursday after a man bit one of them and injured the other in the Loop, officials said.

The incident happened about 2 a.m. in the 200 block of West Jackson Boulevard, said Fire Department spokesman Chief Juan Hernandez.

Police said the [firefighters] were assisting a man at that location, and when they tried to put him on a stretcher, the man bit a female paramedic on the left calf. A firefighter was also injured, although details were not immediately available on that injury, police said.

thanks Dan & Jason