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McCook residents vote to keep fire department

An article in the Des Plaines Valley News

Unless the vote changes at the official canvass, which McCook Mayor Jeff Tobolski said was unlikely, residents of the village rejected a plan to disband the fire department and join a fire protection district

The proposal ended in a 56-56 tie after the March 18 referendum. Ties between candidates are decided by a coin toss, but ballot questions must be approved by at least a single vote. 

“If the numbers don’t change, and I don’t see any reason that they should, the referendum is defeated,” Tobolski said after last week’s election. “My job now is to mend fences and go back to the bargaining table with the firefighters,” he said. “We put forth a public question and the town said it wanted to keep a fire department.”

Tobolski said talks would resume with the firefighters union over a new contract. Tobolski said the issues he cited before the referendum are still in play. McCook firefighters are not trained paramedics and cannot offer advanced life-saving treatment and the department is a huge cost to maintain.

“We still have a million dollars worth of payroll,” he said. 

Tobolski said there were other ways to outsource fire services, such as an intergovernmental agreement with a fire protection district, but he was not yet ready to go that route. “The voters said they did not want to join a fire protection district,” he said. “We’ll try to reach a fair contract with the firefighters.”

Turnout at last week’s referendum far outpaced the rest of the county at 64.2 percent, according to the Cook County Clerk’s office, with 113 of the town’s 176 registered voters heading to the polls. Countywide, turnout was about 15 percent.

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Cicero alley garage fire , 7-6-14

This from Drew Gresik:

Took in a 20×20 alley garage at 2420 S 60th Ct on Sunday. Cicero Engines 1 & 2 each dropped a line and made a good stop, confining the fire to just the one garage. Slight exposure to the D Side garage. One pick-up truck was destroyed in the fire.
Drew Gresik photo

Drew Gresik photo

firemen force the door on a garage

Drew Gresik photo

fireman after fighting fire

Drew Gresik photo

firemen with hose at fire scene

Drew Gresik photo

Seagreave rear mount ladder truck

Drew Gresik photo

E-ONE Typhoon fire engine

Drew Gresik photo

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New area apparatus deliveries

Kevin Griffin found these new area deliveries on the Pierce Flickr site

Byron – Arrow XT pumper/tanker so 27357

Pierce Arrow XT pumper/tanker for Byron

Pierce Arrow XT pumper/tanker for Byron. Pierce composite

Bolingbrook – Pierce Impel PUC engine so 27331

Pierce Impel PUC fire engine

Pierce Impel PUC engine for Bolingbrook Engine 2. Pierce composite

McHenry – Pierce Impel engine so 26553

Pierce Impel fire engine

Pierce Impel engine for McHenry Engine 41. Pierce composite

North Riverside – Pierce Velocity PUC engine so 27595

Pierce Velocity PUC fire engine

New Pierce Velocity PUC for North Riverside Engine 807. Pierce composite

Niles – Pierce Dash CF PUC tower ladder so 27318

Pierce Dash CF tower ladder

Pierce Dash CF PUC tower ladder for Niles Truck 2. Pierce composite

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Chicago working fire, 7-5-14

This from Eric Haak:

Took in this working fire on the 6100 block of South Washtenaw on Saturday.  I arrived less than 10 minutes in and the fire was already well under control.  I included a close up of the spare tower ladder that TL39 was running with.  Over the weekend, they were running out of spare tower ladders and both TL34 and TL54 were running as trucks at one point or another.  As you can see, the body wear on these old E-One’s is very evident but it seems like they are in service more than the front line rigs.  It should also be noted that Squad 5 was running with the old air mask rig as their box.  Shop # G-487.  Engines on this were 88 and 101 with Truck 41 and Tower Ladder 39.
fireman with axe venting roof at house fire

Eric Haak photo

firemen venting roof at house fire

Eric Haak photo

smoke from house fire in Chicago

Eric Haak photo

Chicago 29 year old tower ladder

Eric Haak photo

Chicago FD Engine 101

Eric Haak photo

fireman with dirty face after fighting a fire

Eric Haak photo

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