This from Larry Shapiro:

A few preliminary images from 4773 Trenton Court in the Royal Melbourne subdivision in Long Grove. Parts of this development are in the Long Grove Fire Protection District and the rest in the Countryside Fire Protection District.

Before 11PM on Friday, firefighters responded to a reported fire. Prior to their arrival, the homeowner reportedly stepped out of the home just minutes before a catastrophic explosion destroyed the structure sending splintered debris in all directions. Several neighboring homes suffered broken windows, buckled garage doors, or structural damage.

More to follow during the day.

gas explosion levels mansion

A suspected gas explosion levels a mansion in Long Grove, IL 4-25-14. Larry Shapiro photo

gas explosion levels mansion

Gas fed fire burns freely at the site of the decimated house. Larry Shapiro photo

gas explosion levels mansion

View from the rear of the property. Larry Shapiro photo